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    • Life on the Hudson, A Shad's-Eye View: MFA Thesis - Painting and Drawing 

      Miller, Edward Bear (2016-05)
      The four canvases in the thesis exhibition interweave my notions of river life and human consciousness. They demonstrate a love for oil painting and the history of art while calling into question aesthetic conventions and ...
    • Traces: MFA Thesis - Ceramics  

      Brownawell, Emily (2019-05)
      In Traces, I address landscape, materiality, and issues of sustainability by utilizing ceramic as a document. I interrogate the complicated relationships that occur within the oversimplified dichotomy of civilization and ...
    • You're welcome: MFA Thesis - Ceramics  

      Hedges, Tamar (2019-05)
      I have been collecting treasures from the landscapes of the Hudson Valley since childhood. This act of treasure-seeking allows me to escape into a world of my own creation. It’s a world where the only things I have to ...