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  • Abstracture, The Abstraction Of Architecture And Space: MFA Thesis - Painting and Drawing 

    Long, Brooke (2016-05)
    If a room or space can alter how we feel, if our feelings are affected by the color of the walls, the shape of a door, the design of the wallpaper, what will happen to us in places we experience or inhabit?
  • Honesty: MFA Thesis - Painting 

    Lee, Geuryung (2017-05)
    The subject of my work is spatial relationships. As an abstract painter, I use marks, symbols, gestures, color, texture, shape, and value to convey situations, context, and emotional states of being. Through my current ...
  • Points of Departure: MFA Thesis - Painting & Drawing 

    Nazari, Zahra (2014-05)
    I utilize both Architectonic structures and spacial relationships as metaphors for emotions I experienced coming from Iran to America and transitioning between two very different cultures. My working process combines both ...