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    • Sharing Shared Governance: The Benefits of Systemness 

      Cramer, Sharon; Mozlin, Rochelle (2013-08-16)
      Shared governance in higher education refers to the structures and processes through which faculty, professional staff, administration, governing boards and, sometimes, students and staff participate in the development ...
    • SUNY Health Science Consortium Workgroup 

      Wade, Andrea C. (2013-08-15)
      Over the last year, representatives from 16 different SUNY Community and Technical Colleges have regularly met to form the SUNY Health Science Consortium Workgroup. The purpose of the Consortium is to network and explore ...
    • A SUNY-Wide Data Preservation Soultion 

      Meador Jr., John M.; O'Brien, O'Brien; Melione, Andrea (2013-08-16)
      A SUNY-Wide digital preservation solution ensuring data integrity that is scalable and secure that will be accessible for the long-term solution.
    • The University Governance Screening Card: A tool for Benchmarking University Governance 

      Jarmillo, Adriana (2013-08-16)
      University Governance addresses how universities and higher education systems define and implement their goals, manage their academic programs, student life, and physical, Financial, and human resources; and monitor their ...
    • Why Should We Want to Drive the Economy? And What is "Success" Anyway? A Philosopher's Perspective. 

      Tuggy, Dale (2013-08-15)
      Every American, every person wants to be “a success”. When we speak of “success” nowadays, we usually have in mind financial success, a degree of personal wealth. Yet we would all agree that we want more from life than ...