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    • Maximizing hard clam sets at specified locations in Great South Bay by means of a larval dispersion model 

      Marine Sciences Research Center; Carter, Harry H.; Wong, Kuo-Chuin; Malouf, Robert E. (R. E.) (Marine Sciences Research Center, Stony Brook UniversityStony Brook, NY, 1984-03)
      from the abstract and discussion, "The importance of Great South Bay to New York lies in the fact that at one time it was the largest single producer of hard clams (Mercenaria mercenaria) in the world. In 1976 it produced ...
    • Suffolk County's hard clam industry : an overview and an analysis of management alternatives : a report of a study 

      Marine Sciences Research Center; Schubel, J. R.; Buckner, Stuart; Carter, Harry H.; Colvin, Gordon; Davies, DeWitt; Feustal, Kenneth; Kassner, Jeffrey; Koppelman, Lee E.; Malouf, Robert E. (R. E.); McCay, Bonnie J.; McHugh, J. L. (John Laurence); Siddall, Scott E.; Taylor, Lawrence; Wise, William, (W. M.); van Volkenburgh, Pieter; Helm, Nancy (Marine Sciences Research Center, Stony Brook UniversityStony Brook, NY, 1985-12-23)
      from the table of contents, "major findings. . .history and current status of the hard clam fisheries in Suffolk county; a selection of management alternatives for individual water bodies; information priorities; the hard ...