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dc.contributor.authorLoCurto, MichaelIgnatiusen_US
dc.contributor.otherDepartment of Creative Writing and Literatureen_US
dc.description.abstractTo Sea is the culmination of a life of research and observation in nature, organized religion, urbanization and capitalism through the eyes of Michael Ignatius LoCurto, a suburban dweller on the South Shore of Eastern Long Island, New York. To Sea--a novel--explores the story of Jon Brand, a fisherman and East Marion native, who is currently out of work due to the disappearance of fish in the Atlantic. We meet Jon caught between his two loves--the ocean and his family. Does he give up on the sea--his place of work--his life and profession? Or does he look for work elsewhere to support his family? Nature--more generally, the sea, is as much a character as Jon, his son--Barry, and Elea--Jon's wife. Jon believes the ocean is his God, and the water holds all of the answers to his future. The natural beauty of the land and the sea speak to Jon, and carries as much weight as any other character.en_US
dc.description.sponsorshipStony Brook University Libraries. SBU Graduate School in Department of Creative Writing and Literature. Lawrence Martin (Dean of Graduate School).en_US
dc.formatElectronic Resourceen_US
dc.publisherThe Graduate School, Stony Brook University: Stony Brook, NY.en_US
dc.titleTo Seaen_US
dc.description.advisorAdvisor(s): Lou Ann Walker. Committee Member(s): Robert Reeves; Susan Merrell.en_US
dc.embargo.periodPERMANENT EMBARGOen_US

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