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A Verbal History of Erie Community College

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dc.contributor.author Shenton, James E.
dc.date.accessioned 2011-11-06T19:59:58Z
dc.date.available 2011-11-06T19:59:58Z
dc.date.issued 1982-11
dc.identifier.citation Shenton, James E. A Verbal History of Erie Community College. [Buffalo, N.Y: Erie Community College], 1982. en_US
dc.identifier.other A12
dc.identifier.uri http://hdl.handle.net/1951/52520
dc.description 6 digital master audio files, WAVE (.wav) format, bit rate 2304 kbps, mono, 2 GB. 6 access audio files, MP3 (.mp3) format, bit rate 128 kbps, mono, 110 MB. 57 digital master page image files, TIFF (.tif) format, black and white, 300 dpi, 12.9 MB. 3 access page image files, PDF (.pdf) format, black and white, 2.94 MB. en_US
dc.description.abstract Presented here is a digital reproduction of the audio and textual content of James E. Shenton’s A Verbal History of Erie Community College, originally produced in 1982. Mr. Shenton is remembered as Erie Community College's President from 1963 to 1974. These audio recordings and transcript documents represent Mr. Shenton's memoirs of the College from its inception in 1946 to his retirement in August, 1974. Library Coordinator Sylvia Moran and Principle Library Clerk Margaret Barrey assisted Mr. Shenton in their original creation. The audio recordings and transcript documents were digitally reproduced in 2011 for this archive by Librarian Matthew M. Best. The master versions of these archived items are part of the Erie Community College Archives, located in the Dry Memorial Library on the College's North Campus in Williamsville, NY. en_US
dc.description.sponsorship Erie Community College (N.Y.) en_US
dc.language.iso en_US en_US
dc.publisher Erie Community College (N.Y.) en_US
dc.subject Archives en_US
dc.subject Erie Community College (N.Y.) en_US
dc.subject History en_US
dc.subject Autobiography en_US
dc.subject State University of New York en_US
dc.subject Community college presidents en_US
dc.subject New York (State) en_US
dc.subject Community colleges en_US
dc.subject Oral history en_US
dc.subject Erie County (N.Y.) en_US
dc.subject Buffalo (N.Y.) en_US
dc.title A Verbal History of Erie Community College en_US
dc.title.alternative An Oral History of Erie Community College en_US
dc.title.alternative History of ECC en_US
dc.title.alternative A History of Erie Community College en_US
dc.title.alternative A History of Erie Community College 1946-1974 en_US
dc.type Book en_US
dc.type Recording, oral en_US
dc.type Other en_US

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ShentonHist1_20110315.mp3 21.34Mb View/Open Tape One (access) ShentonHist2_20110315.mp3 14.09Mb View/Open Tape Two (access) ShentonHist3_20110315.mp3 15.07Mb View/Open Tape Three (access) ShentonHist4_20110315.mp3 21.57Mb View/Open Tape Four (access) ShentonHist5_20110315.mp3 22.19Mb View/Open Tape Five (access) ShentonHist6_20110315.mp3 16.18Mb View/Open Tape Six (access) ShentonHist2_20110315.wav 266.1Mb View/Open Tape Two (digital master) ShentonHist3_20110315.wav 275.9Mb View/Open Tape Three (digital master) ShentonHist1_20110315.wav 389.7Mb View/Open Tape One (digital master) ShentonHist4_20110315.wav 393.6Mb View/Open Tape Four (digital master) ShentonHist5_20110315.wav 410.4Mb View/Open Tape Five (digital master) ShentonHist6_20110315.wav 321.0Mb View/Open Tape Six (digital master) ShentonHistTrans_20110606_01.tif 25.23Kb View/Open p. i (digital master) ShentonHistTrans_20110606_02.tif 94.41Kb View/Open p. 1 (digital master) ShentonHistTrans_20110606_03.tif 109.8Kb View/Open p. 2 (digital master) ShentonHistTrans_20110606_04.tif 100.9Kb View/Open p. 3 (digital master) ShentonHistTrans_20110606_05.tif 103.4Kb View/Open p. 4 (digital master) ShentonHistTrans_20110606_06.tif 100.5Kb View/Open p. 5 (digital master) ShentonHistTrans_20110606_07.tif 102.5Kb View/Open p. 6 (digital master) ShentonHistTrans_20110606_08.tif 107.1Kb View/Open p. 7 (digital master) ShentonHistTrans_20110606_09.tif 101.8Kb View/Open p. 8 (digital master) ShentonHistTrans_20110606_10.tif 105.5Kb View/Open p. 9 (digital master) ShentonHistTrans_20110606_11.tif 94.04Kb View/Open p. 10 (digital master) ShentonHistTrans_20110606_12.tif 92.73Kb View/Open p. 11 (digital master) ShentonHistTrans_20110606_13.tif 104.8Kb View/Open p. 12 (digital master) ShentonHistTrans_20110606_14.tif 105.4Kb View/Open p. 13 (digital master) ShentonHistTrans_20110606_15.tif 106.2Kb View/Open p. 14 (digital master) ShentonHistTrans_20110606_16.tif 106.1Kb View/Open p. 15 (digital master) ShentonHistTrans_20110606_17.tif 107.6Kb View/Open p. 16 (digital master) ShentonHistTrans_20110606_18.tif 106.2Kb View/Open p. 17 (digital master) ShentonHistTrans_20110606_19.tif 112.2Kb View/Open p. 18 (digital master) ShentonHistTrans_20110606_20.tif 107.5Kb View/Open p. 19 (digital master) ShentonHistTrans_20110606_21.tif 99.51Kb View/Open p. 20 (digital master) ShentonHistOutline_20110628_00D.tif 167.3Kb View/Open Outline (digital master) ShentonHistTrans_20110606_00E.tif 6.253Mb View/Open Transcript 55 p. (digital master) ShentonHistTrans_20110606_22.tif 28.15Kb View/Open p. 21 (digital master) ShentonHistTrans_20110606_23.tif 91.13Kb View/Open p. 22 (digital master) ShentonHistTrans_20110606_24.tif 103.3Kb View/Open p. 23 (digital master) ShentonHistTrans_20110606_25.tif 103.2Kb View/Open p. 24 (digital master) ShentonHistTrans_20110606_26.tif 108.0Kb View/Open p. 25 (digital master) ShentonHistTrans_20110606_27.tif 99.09Kb View/Open p. 26 (digital master) ShentonHistTrans_20110606_28.tif 104.7Kb View/Open p. 27 (digital master) ShentonHistTrans_20110606_29.tif 107.5Kb View/Open p. 28 (digital master) ShentonHistTrans_20110606_30.tif 105.9Kb View/Open p. 29 (digital master) ShentonHistTrans_20110606_31.tif 103.8Kb View/Open p. 30 (digital master) ShentonHistTrans_20110606_32.tif 126.8Kb View/Open p. 31 (digital master) ShentonHistTrans_20110606_33.tif 124.7Kb View/Open p. 32 (digital master) ShentonHistTrans_20110606_34.tif 105.9Kb View/Open p. 33 (digital master) ShentonHistTrans_20110606_35.tif 116.2Kb View/Open p. 34 (digital master) ShentonHistTrans_20110606_36.tif 137.0Kb View/Open p. 35 (digital master) ShentonHistTrans_20110606_37.tif 126.0Kb View/Open p. 36 (digital master) ShentonHistTrans_20110606_38.tif 126.1Kb View/Open p. 37 (digital master) ShentonHistTrans_20110606_39.tif 127.2Kb View/Open p. 38 (digital master) ShentonHistTrans_20110606_40.tif 125.7Kb View/Open p. 39 (digital master) ShentonHistTrans_20110606_41.tif 130.2Kb View/Open p. 40 (digital master) ShentonHistTrans_20110606_42.tif 124.3Kb View/Open p. 41 (digital master) ShentonHistTrans_20110606_43.tif 119.9Kb View/Open p. 42 (digital master) ShentonHistTrans_20110606_44.tif 119.6Kb View/Open p. 43 (digital master) ShentonHistTrans_20110606_45.tif 122Kb View/Open p. 44 (digital master) ShentonHistTrans_20110606_46.tif 42.66Kb View/Open p. 45 (digital master) ShentonHistTrans_20110606_47.tif 112.4Kb View/Open p. 46 (digital master) ShentonHistTrans_20110606_48.tif 124.2Kb View/Open p. 47 (digital master) ShentonHistTrans_20110606_49.tif 122.6Kb View/Open p. 48 (digital master) ShentonHistTrans_20110606_50.tif 119.4Kb View/Open p. 49 (digital master) ShentonHistTrans_20110606_51.tif 123.9Kb View/Open p. 50 (digital master) ShentonHistTrans_20110606_52.tif 125.0Kb View/Open p. 51 (digital master) ShentonHistTrans_20110606_53.tif 90.21Kb View/Open p. 52 (digital master) ShentonHistTrans_20110606_54.tif 117.0Kb View/Open p. 53 (digital master) ShentonHistTrans_20110606_55.tif 72.15Kb View/Open p. 54 (digital master) ShentonHistOutline_20110628_00A.pdf 88.28Kb View/Open Outline (access) ShentonHistTrans_20110606_00B.pdf 2.718Mb View/Open Transcript (access) ShentonHistTrans_20110606_00C.pdf 172.8Kb View/Open Transcript, edit (access)

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