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A Verbal History of Erie Community College

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ShentonHist1_20110315.mp3 21.34Mb View/Open Tape One (access) ShentonHist2_20110315.mp3 14.09Mb View/Open Tape Two (access) ShentonHist3_20110315.mp3 15.07Mb View/Open Tape Three (access) ShentonHist4_20110315.mp3 21.57Mb View/Open Tape Four (access) ShentonHist5_20110315.mp3 22.19Mb View/Open Tape Five (access) ShentonHist6_20110315.mp3 16.18Mb View/Open Tape Six (access) ShentonHist2_20110315.wav 266.1Mb View/Open Tape Two (digital master) ShentonHist3_20110315.wav 275.9Mb View/Open Tape Three (digital master) ShentonHist1_20110315.wav 389.7Mb View/Open Tape One (digital master) ShentonHist4_20110315.wav 393.6Mb View/Open Tape Four (digital master) ShentonHist5_20110315.wav 410.4Mb View/Open Tape Five (digital master) ShentonHist6_20110315.wav 321.0Mb View/Open Tape Six (digital master) ShentonHistTrans_20110606_01.tif 25.23Kb View/Open p. i (digital master) ShentonHistTrans_20110606_02.tif 94.41Kb View/Open p. 1 (digital master) ShentonHistTrans_20110606_03.tif 109.8Kb View/Open p. 2 (digital master) ShentonHistTrans_20110606_04.tif 100.9Kb View/Open p. 3 (digital master) ShentonHistTrans_20110606_05.tif 103.4Kb View/Open p. 4 (digital master) ShentonHistTrans_20110606_06.tif 100.5Kb View/Open p. 5 (digital master) ShentonHistTrans_20110606_07.tif 102.5Kb View/Open p. 6 (digital master) ShentonHistTrans_20110606_08.tif 107.1Kb View/Open p. 7 (digital master) ShentonHistTrans_20110606_09.tif 101.8Kb View/Open p. 8 (digital master) ShentonHistTrans_20110606_10.tif 105.5Kb View/Open p. 9 (digital master) ShentonHistTrans_20110606_11.tif 94.04Kb View/Open p. 10 (digital master) ShentonHistTrans_20110606_12.tif 92.73Kb View/Open p. 11 (digital master) ShentonHistTrans_20110606_13.tif 104.8Kb View/Open p. 12 (digital master) ShentonHistTrans_20110606_14.tif 105.4Kb View/Open p. 13 (digital master) ShentonHistTrans_20110606_15.tif 106.2Kb View/Open p. 14 (digital master) ShentonHistTrans_20110606_16.tif 106.1Kb View/Open p. 15 (digital master) ShentonHistTrans_20110606_17.tif 107.6Kb View/Open p. 16 (digital master) ShentonHistTrans_20110606_18.tif 106.2Kb View/Open p. 17 (digital master) ShentonHistTrans_20110606_19.tif 112.2Kb View/Open p. 18 (digital master) ShentonHistTrans_20110606_20.tif 107.5Kb View/Open p. 19 (digital master) ShentonHistTrans_20110606_21.tif 99.51Kb View/Open p. 20 (digital master) ShentonHistOutline_20110628_00D.tif 167.3Kb View/Open Outline (digital master) ShentonHistTrans_20110606_00E.tif 6.253Mb View/Open Transcript 55 p. (digital master) ShentonHistTrans_20110606_22.tif 28.15Kb View/Open p. 21 (digital master) ShentonHistTrans_20110606_23.tif 91.13Kb View/Open p. 22 (digital master) ShentonHistTrans_20110606_24.tif 103.3Kb View/Open p. 23 (digital master) ShentonHistTrans_20110606_25.tif 103.2Kb View/Open p. 24 (digital master) ShentonHistTrans_20110606_26.tif 108.0Kb View/Open p. 25 (digital master) ShentonHistTrans_20110606_27.tif 99.09Kb View/Open p. 26 (digital master) ShentonHistTrans_20110606_28.tif 104.7Kb View/Open p. 27 (digital master) ShentonHistTrans_20110606_29.tif 107.5Kb View/Open p. 28 (digital master) ShentonHistTrans_20110606_30.tif 105.9Kb View/Open p. 29 (digital master) ShentonHistTrans_20110606_31.tif 103.8Kb View/Open p. 30 (digital master) ShentonHistTrans_20110606_32.tif 126.8Kb View/Open p. 31 (digital master) ShentonHistTrans_20110606_33.tif 124.7Kb View/Open p. 32 (digital master) ShentonHistTrans_20110606_34.tif 105.9Kb View/Open p. 33 (digital master) ShentonHistTrans_20110606_35.tif 116.2Kb View/Open p. 34 (digital master) ShentonHistTrans_20110606_36.tif 137.0Kb View/Open p. 35 (digital master) ShentonHistTrans_20110606_37.tif 126.0Kb View/Open p. 36 (digital master) ShentonHistTrans_20110606_38.tif 126.1Kb View/Open p. 37 (digital master) ShentonHistTrans_20110606_39.tif 127.2Kb View/Open p. 38 (digital master) ShentonHistTrans_20110606_40.tif 125.7Kb View/Open p. 39 (digital master) ShentonHistTrans_20110606_41.tif 130.2Kb View/Open p. 40 (digital master) ShentonHistTrans_20110606_42.tif 124.3Kb View/Open p. 41 (digital master) ShentonHistTrans_20110606_43.tif 119.9Kb View/Open p. 42 (digital master) ShentonHistTrans_20110606_44.tif 119.6Kb View/Open p. 43 (digital master) ShentonHistTrans_20110606_45.tif 122Kb View/Open p. 44 (digital master) ShentonHistTrans_20110606_46.tif 42.66Kb View/Open p. 45 (digital master) ShentonHistTrans_20110606_47.tif 112.4Kb View/Open p. 46 (digital master) ShentonHistTrans_20110606_48.tif 124.2Kb View/Open p. 47 (digital master) ShentonHistTrans_20110606_49.tif 122.6Kb View/Open p. 48 (digital master) ShentonHistTrans_20110606_50.tif 119.4Kb View/Open p. 49 (digital master) ShentonHistTrans_20110606_51.tif 123.9Kb View/Open p. 50 (digital master) ShentonHistTrans_20110606_52.tif 125.0Kb View/Open p. 51 (digital master) ShentonHistTrans_20110606_53.tif 90.21Kb View/Open p. 52 (digital master) ShentonHistTrans_20110606_54.tif 117.0Kb View/Open p. 53 (digital master) ShentonHistTrans_20110606_55.tif 72.15Kb View/Open p. 54 (digital master) ShentonHistOutline_20110628_00A.pdf 88.28Kb View/Open Outline (access) ShentonHistTrans_20110606_00B.pdf 2.718Mb View/Open Transcript (access) ShentonHistTrans_20110606_00C.pdf 172.8Kb View/Open Transcript, edit (access)

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