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Long Island Historical Journal, Volume 07, Number 2 (Spring 1995)

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dc.contributor.author Burner, David
dc.contributor.author Caputo, Mitzi
dc.contributor.author Howlett, Charles F.
dc.contributor.author Hayes, Michael
dc.contributor.author McNamara, Patrick J.
dc.contributor.author Buck, Sarah A.
dc.contributor.author Wheat, Jr., Maxwell Corydon
dc.contributor.author Fasasnella, R. Marc
dc.contributor.author Alford-Cooper, Finnegan
dc.contributor.author Robinson, Michael J.
dc.contributor.author Kestler, Frances Roe
dc.contributor.author Weigold, Marilyn E.
dc.contributor.author Hewlett, John A.
dc.contributor.author Baker, Paul J.
dc.contributor.author Petrie, Donald A.
dc.contributor.author Burrows, Edwin G.
dc.contributor.author Berden, Christopher
dc.contributor.author Naylor, Natalie A.
dc.contributor.author Dawkins, Nancy
dc.contributor.editor Wunderlich, Roger
dc.contributor.editor Nyitray, Kristen J.
dc.date.available 2011
dc.date.issued 1995
dc.identifier.uri http://hdl.handle.net/1951/51308
dc.description.abstract TABLE OF CONTENTS - EDITORIAL COMMENT - 139 / FEATURE ARTICLES: A Life of Integrity: Hugh Gregg Cleland by David Burner - 140 / In Memoriam: Rufus Burford Langhans by Mitzi Caputo - 142 / Long Island Confronts the Vietnam War: A Review of the Antiwar Movement, Part One by Charles F. Howlett - 144 / General Nathaniel Woodhull and the Battle of Long Island by Michael Hayes - 166 / “By the Rude Storms of Faction Blown”: Thomas Jones, a Long Island Loyalist by Patrick J. McNamara - 178 / An Inspired Hoax: The Antebellum Reconstruction of an Eighteenth-Century Long Island Diary by Sarah Buck - 191 / My Grandfather Loved the Salt Marshes by Maxwell Corydon Wheat, Jr. - 205 / Robert Moses and the Making of Jones Beach State Park: Persistence and The Grand Design by R. Marc Fasanella - 207 / Commitment for a Lifetime: The Long Island Long-Term Marriage Survey by Finnegan Alford-Cooper - 220 / The Content and Significance of the Archives of the U.S. Merchant Marine Academy at Kings Point by Michael J. Robinson - 235 / LOST AND FOUND: Faith Baldwin: America’s First Lady of Romantic Fiction by Frances R. Kestler - 243 / REVIEWS: Joshua Stoff. From Canoes to Cruisers: The Maritime Heritage of Long Island by Marilyn Weigold - 253 / Natalie A. Naylor, ed. The Roots and Heritage of Hempstead Town by John A. Hewlett - 254 / William T. Lauder and Charles F. Howlett. Amityville’s 1894 School House by Paul J. Baker - 256 / W.M.P. Dunne. Thomas F. McManus and the American Fishing Schooners by Donald A. Petrie - 258 / E. A. (Bud) Livingston. President Lincoln’s Third Largest City: Brooklyn and the Civil War by Edwin G. Burrows - 259 / Janice L. Schaefer. The History of Mastic Beach by Christopher Berdan - 259 / Edith Gaines. The Charity Society, 1794-1994: An Institution for the Use and Benefit of the Poor Among the Black People by Natalie A. Naylor - 261 / John Ellis Kordes. A. T. Stewart’s Garden City: A Documentary Film by Natalie A. Naylor - 262 / Hayward Cirker, ed. Life in Old New York Photo Postcards by Nancy Dawkins - 265 / COMMUNICATIONS - 266
dc.format Digital edition
dc.language en
dc.publisher Stony Brook University, Department of History
dc.rights Stony Brook University
dc.title Long Island Historical Journal, Volume 07, Number 2 (Spring 1995)
dc.type Article
dc.title.alternate Long Island History Journal
dc.description.appearsincollection SUNY Digital Repository (DSpace): Stony Brook University - Campus Newspapers and Journals

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