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Long Island Historical Journal, Volume 07, Number 1 (Fall 1994)

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dc.contributor.author Koppelman, Lee E.
dc.contributor.author Kamer, Pearl M.
dc.contributor.author Crease, Robert P.
dc.contributor.author Strong, John A.
dc.contributor.author Vincitorio, Gaetano L.
dc.contributor.author Osborn, David
dc.contributor.author Fasasnella, R. Marc
dc.contributor.author Krieg, Joann P.
dc.contributor.author Wunderlich, Roger
dc.contributor.author Harmond, Richard P.
dc.contributor.author Douglas, Leroy E.
dc.contributor.author Beal, Thomas D.
dc.contributor.author Perry, Diane F.
dc.contributor.author Dunne, W.M.P.
dc.contributor.editor Wunderlich, Roger
dc.contributor.editor Nyitray, Kristen J.
dc.date.available 2011
dc.date.issued 1994
dc.identifier.issn 0898-7084
dc.identifier.uri http://hdl.handle.net/1951/51307
dc.description.abstract TABLE OF CONTENTS - EDITORIAL COMMENT - 1 / FEATURE ARTICLES: State of the Island - Anatomy of the Long Island Economy; Prospective for Development by Lee E. Koppelman and Pearl M. Kamer - 3 / The History of Brookhaven National Laboratories, Part Four: Problems of Transition by Robert P. Crease - 22 / The Reaffirmation of Tradition among the Native Americans of Eastern Long Island by John A. Strong - 42 / The Revolutionary War and its Aftermath in Suffolk County, Long Island by Gaetano L. Vincitorio - 68 / Western Long Island and the Civil War: A Political Chronicle by David Osborn - 86 / Robert Moses and the Making of Jones Beach State Park: Part One by R. Marc Fasanella - 99 / Remembering Great Neck by Joann P. Krieg - 111 / The Great Gatsby as Long Island History by Roger Wunderlich - 119 / LOST AND FOUND: Robert Barnwell Roosevelt, Love and Luck: The Story of a Summer's Loitering on the Great South Bay by Richard P. Harmond - 125 / REVIEWS: Joshua Stoff. Picture History of World War II American Aircraft Production by Leroy Douglas - 130 / Stephen N. Elias. Alexander T. Stewart. The Forgotten Merchant Prince by Thomas D. Beal - 132 / Richard C. Malley. In Their Hours of Ocean Leisure: Scrimshaw in the Cold Spring Harbor Whaling Museum by Diane F. Perry - 134 / R.C. Anderson. The Rigging of Ships in the Days of the Spritsail Topmast, 1600-1720 by W.M.P. Dunne - 135 / BOOK NOTES - 136 / COMMUNICATIONS - 137
dc.format Digital edition
dc.language en
dc.publisher Stony Brook University, Department of History
dc.rights Stony Brook University
dc.title Long Island Historical Journal, Volume 07, Number 1 (Fall 1994)
dc.type Article
dc.title.alternate Long Island History Journal
dc.description.appearsincollection SUNY Digital Repository (DSpace): Stony Brook University - Campus Newspapers and Journals

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