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dc.contributor.authorKoppelman, Lee E.
dc.contributor.authorKamer, Pearl M.
dc.contributor.authorMacKay, Robert B.
dc.contributor.authorAllen, David Y.
dc.contributor.authorWitek, John Charles
dc.contributor.authorJohnson, James P.
dc.contributor.authorCavaioli, Frank J.
dc.contributor.authorChorzempa, Chet
dc.contributor.authorHallock, Judith Lee
dc.contributor.authorDunne, W.M.P.
dc.contributor.authorBalliet, Barbara
dc.contributor.authorAllen, David Y.
dc.contributor.authorSamuels, Ellen R.
dc.contributor.authorZiel, Ron
dc.contributor.authorIngui, William
dc.contributor.authorCohos, Elaine
dc.contributor.editorWunderlich, Roger
dc.contributor.editorNyitray, Kristen J.
dc.description.abstractTABLE OF CONTENTS - EDITORIAL COMMENT - 145 / FEATURE ARTICLES: State of the Island - Anatomy of the Long Island Economy: Retrospective and Prospective by Lee E. Koppelman and Pearl M. Kamer - 146 / Long Island Country Houses and Their Architects: 1860-1940 by Robert B. MacKay - 168 / Long Island Triangulated: Nineteenth-Century Maps and Charts of the U.S. Coast Survey by David Yehling Allen - 191 / Bibles and Muskets: The Acculturation of East End Native Americans in the Eighteenth Century by John Charles Witek - 208 / Lewis Howard Latimer: The Career of a Black Inventor by James P. Johnson - 223 / Columbus and the Whitman Connection by Frank J. Cavaioli - 233 / The Fullertons and the Experimental Farms of the Long Island Railroad by Chet Chorzempa - 245 / The Role of the Community in Civil War Desertion by Judith Lee Hallock - 254 / REVIEWS: Richard F. Welch. An Island’s Trade: Nineteenth-Century Shipbuilding on Long Island by W.M.P. Dunne - 266 / Esther Newton. Cherry Grove, Fire Island. Sixty Years in America’s First Gay and Lesbian Town by Barbara Balliet - 268 / John H. Long, ed., Kathryn Ford Thome, comp. Atlas of Historical County Boundaries by David Yehling Allen - 272 / John Esten with Rose Bennett Gilbert, photographs by Susan Wood. Hampton Style: Houses, Gardens, Artists by Ellen R. Samuels - 273 / Salvatore J. LaGumina. New York at Mid-Century: The Impelliteri Years by Frank J. Cavaioli - 275 / Eleanor F. Ferguson, edited by Anne Nauman. My Long Island: Growing up on Hal B. Fullerton’s Blessed Isle, 1902-1942 by Ron Ziel - 277 / Elly Shodell. Cross Currents: Baymen, Yachtsmen and Long Island Waters, 1830s-1990s by W.M.P. Dunne - 278 / Janet Perin and Charles F. Howlett. A Walk Through History: A Community Named Amityville by William Ingui - 279 / EXHIBITION REVIEW: Nineteenth-Century Long Island Lithographs: A Mirror of the Middle Class by Elaine Cohos - 281 / BOOK NOTES - 283 / COMMUNICATIONS - 284
dc.formatDigital edition
dc.publisherStony Brook University, Department of History
dc.rightsStony Brook University
dc.titleLong Island Historical Journal, Volume 06, Number 2 (Spring 1994)
dc.title.alternateLong Island History Journal
dc.description.appearsincollectionSUNY Digital Repository (DSpace): Stony Brook University - Campus Newspapers and Journals

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  • Long Island Historical Journal [SBU] [34]
    The Long Island Historical Journal is a peer-reviewed, academic publication founded by Roger Wunderlich in 1988 at Stony Brook University.

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