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Long Island Historical Journal, Volume 06, Number 1 (Fall 1993)

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dc.contributor.author Naylor, Natalie A.
dc.contributor.author Crease, Robert P.
dc.contributor.author Gombieski, Jane S.
dc.contributor.author Sterngass, Jane A.
dc.contributor.author Krieg, Joann P.
dc.contributor.author Spinzia, Raymond E.
dc.contributor.author Harmond, Richard P.
dc.contributor.author Plank, Raymond
dc.contributor.author Keller, Mollie
dc.contributor.author Maresca, Thomas
dc.contributor.author Hewlett, John A.
dc.contributor.author Beal, Thomas D.
dc.contributor.author Howlett, Charles F.
dc.contributor.author Ayres, William
dc.contributor.editor Wunderlich, Roger
dc.contributor.editor Nyitray, Kristen J.
dc.date.available 2011
dc.date.issued 1993
dc.identifier.issn 0898-7084
dc.identifier.uri http://hdl.handle.net/1951/51305
dc.description.abstract TABLE OF CONTENTS - EDITORIAL COMMENT - 1 / FEATURE ARTICLES: Long Island’s Mrs. Tippecanoe and Mrs. Tyler Two by Natalie A. Naylor - 2 / History of Brookhaven National Laboratory, Part Three: Little Science, Big Science by Robert P. Crease - 17 / Kleagles, Klokards, Kludds, and Kluxers: The Klan in Suffolk County, 1915-1928, Part One by Jane S. Gombieski - 41 / “You May Take Watts, But You'll Never Take New Lots”: Racial Succession and the East New York Riot Of 1966 by Jon Sterngass - 63 / Walt Whitman in the Public Domain: A Tale of Two Houses by Joann P. Krieg - 83 / In Her Wake: The Story of Alva Smith Vanderbilt Belmont by Raymond E. Spinzia - 96 / Recent Articles on Long Island History by Natalie A. Naylor - 106 / LOST AND FOUND: ONE - High-Living on the Great South Bay: Schuyler Livingston Parsons, Untold Friendships by Richard P. Harmond - 121 / LOST AND FOUND: TWO - Charles Hanson Towne: Loafing Down Long Island by Raymond Plank - 125 / REVIEWS: Barbara M. Kelly. Expanding the American Dream: Building and Rebuilding Levittown by Mollie Keller - 129 / Philip F. Palmedo and Edward Beltranmi. The Wines of Long Island: Birth of a Region. Photographs by Sara Matthews by Thomas Maresca - 131 / Natalie A. Naylor, Patricia Snyder and Melissa Patton. Long Island’s History and Cultural Heritage: An Integrative Curriculum Resource of Educators by John A. Hewlett - 133 / David McCullogh. The Great Bridge by Thomas D. Beal - 134 / William T. Lauder. Amityville History Revisited by Charles F. Howlett - 136 / EXHIBITION REVIEW: “Woven History: The Technology and Innovation of Long Island Coverlets, 1800-1850” by William Ayres - 138 / BOOK NOTES - 140 / COMMUNICATIONS - 141
dc.format Digital edition
dc.language en
dc.publisher Stony Brook University, Department of History
dc.rights Stony Brook University
dc.title Long Island Historical Journal, Volume 06, Number 1 (Fall 1993)
dc.type Article
dc.title.alternate Long Island History Journal
dc.description.appearsincollection SUNY Digital Repository (DSpace): Stony Brook University - Campus Newspapers and Journals

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