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Long Island Historical Journal, Volume 05, Number 2 (Spring 1993)

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dc.contributor.author Osborn, David
dc.contributor.author Seyfried, Vincent F.
dc.contributor.author Sanjek, Roger
dc.contributor.author Kroessler, Jeffrey A.
dc.contributor.author Kacher, Matthew
dc.contributor.author Kochiss, John M.
dc.contributor.author Taylor, Clarence
dc.contributor.author Elkind, Charlotte Woods
dc.contributor.author Garber, Elizabeth
dc.contributor.author Barnhart, Michael
dc.contributor.author Gobrecht, L.E.
dc.contributor.author Dunne, W.M.P.
dc.contributor.author Weiss, Luise
dc.contributor.editor Wunderlich, Roger
dc.contributor.editor Nyitray, Kristen J.
dc.date.available 2011
dc.date.issued 1993
dc.identifier.issn 0898-7084
dc.identifier.uri http://hdl.handle.net/1951/51304
dc.description.abstract TABLE OF CONTENTS - EDITORIAL COMMENT - 131 / QUEENS COUNTY HISTORICAL CONFERENCE PAPERS - 1) Queens County and the Secession Crisis by David Osborn - 132 / 2) The Civil War in Queens County by Vincent F. Seyfried - 146 / 3) After Freedom in Newtown, Queens: African Americans and the Color Line, 1838-1899 by Roger Sanjek - 157 / 4) Baseball and the Blue Laws by Jeffrey A. Kroessler - 168 / 5) A Stadium for Flushing Meadows by Matthew Kachur - 178 / FEATURE ARTICLES: When Great South Bay Froze Over: Gleanings from the Baymen’s Oral History Group (Part II) by John M. Kochiss - 195 / The Formation and Development of Brooklyn’s Black Churches, from the Nineteenth to the Early Twentieth Century by Clarence Taylor - 209 / One Brooklyn Block: Population Characteristics and Change, 1880-1910 by Charlotte Woods Elkind - 229 / REVIEWS: Nina Federoff and David Botstein, eds. The Dynamic Genome: Barbara McClintock's Ideas on the Century of Genetics by Elizabeth Garber - 249 / Natalie A. Naylor, Douglas Brinkley, and John Allen Gable, eds. Theodore Roosevelt: Many-Sided American by Michael Barnhart - 251 / Robert B. MacKay, Stanley Lindvall and Carol Traynor, eds. An Architectural Guide to Nassau and Suffolk Counties, Long Island by L.E. Gobrecht - 254 / Robert Duifee’s Journal and Recollections of Newport, Rhode Island, Freetown, Massachusetts, New York City and Long Island, Jamaica and Cuba, West Indies and Saint Simons Island, Georgia, ca. 1785-1810. Edited by Virginia Steele Wood by W.M.P. Dunne - 255 / Patricia Hansell Sisler and Robert Sisler. The Seven Hills of Port by Luise Weiss - 257 / BOOK NOTES - 258
dc.format Digital edition
dc.language en
dc.publisher Stony Brook University, Department of History
dc.rights Stony Brook University
dc.subject Queens County (N.Y.) -- History
dc.subject African Americans -- New York (State) -- Long Island -- History
dc.title Long Island Historical Journal, Volume 05, Number 2 (Spring 1993)
dc.type Article
dc.title.alternate Long Island History Journal
dc.description.appearsincollection SUNY Digital Repository (DSpace): Stony Brook University - Campus Newspapers and Journals

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