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dc.contributor.authorHession, Francis P.
dc.contributor.authorScheidt, Ann-Marie
dc.contributor.authorWelch, Richard F.
dc.contributor.authorAllen, David Y.
dc.contributor.authorHarmond, Richard P.
dc.contributor.authorPostal, Maxine
dc.contributor.authorZenk, Caroline A.
dc.contributor.authorColeman, Steven R.
dc.contributor.authorRubenstein, Stan
dc.contributor.authorMcGuirk, Gerald
dc.contributor.authorTomes, Nancy
dc.contributor.authorGroce, Nancy
dc.contributor.authorBarber, Linda E.
dc.contributor.authorMacKay, Robert B.
dc.contributor.authorCash, Floris Barnett
dc.contributor.authorRossano, Geoffrey L.
dc.contributor.authorBeal, Thomas D.
dc.contributor.authorFitzgerald, Marie
dc.contributor.authorBaker, Paul J.
dc.contributor.authorDeRiggi, Mildred E.
dc.contributor.editorWunderlich, Roger
dc.contributor.editorNyitray, Kristen J.
dc.description.abstractTABLE OF CONTENTS - EDITORIAL COMMENT - 1 / FEATURE ARTICLES: Growing the Region’s Economic Future: The Long Island High Technology Incubator By Francis P. Hession and Ann-Marie Scheidt - 2 / The Social Utility of Failure: Long Island’s Rubber Industry and the Setauket Shtetle By Marc J. Stern - 15 / The World the Shipbuilders Made: An Entrepreneurial Elite on Nineteenth-Century Long Island By Richard F. Welch - 35 / Dutch and English Mapping of Seventeenth-Century Long Island By David Y. Allen - 45 / Class, Status and Power: Long Islanders in Congress, 1789-1899 By Richard P. Harmond - 63 / Politics as a Career for Long Island Women By Maxine Postal - 74 / History in the Making: Hampton Hills and Land Preservation in Suffolk County By Carolyn A. Zenk - 80 / Political Journalism in the 1790s: Frothingham’s Long Island Herald By Steven R. Coleman - 92 / Henry George: America’s All-But-Forgotten Economist and His Relevance for Long Island By Stan Rubenstein and Gerald McGuirk - 106 / REVIEWS: David Rosner. A Once Charitable Enterprise: Hospitals and Health Care in Brooklyn and New York, 1885-1915. By Nancy Tomes - 119 / Craig H. Roell. The Piano in America, 1890-1940. By Nancy Groce - 122 / Aimee Evans and Carol Saft, producers. Shared Ground. By Linda Barber - 123 / Joann P. Krieg, ed. Long Island Architecture. By Robert B. MacKay - 126 / Bradley L. Harris. Black Roots in Smithtown: A Short History of the Black Community. By Floris B. Cash - 126 / Kevin L. Stayton. Dutch By Design: Tradition and Change in Two Historic Dutch Houses. By Geoffrey L. Rossano - 129 / Vincent F. Seyfried and William Asadorian. Old Queens, N.Y. in Early Photographs. By Thomas D. Beal - 131 / Joshua Stoff. From Airship to Spaceship: Long Island in Aviation and Spaceflight. By Marie Fitzgerald and Paul Baker - 132 / Kathryn St. John. Dutchman: The Tale of New Netherland. By Mildred DeRiggi - 133 / BOOK NOTES - 134 / COMMUNICATIONS - 135
dc.formatDigital edition
dc.publisherStony Brook University, Department of History
dc.rightsStony Brook University
dc.subjectEconomics -- New York (State) -- Long Island
dc.subjectSetauket (N.Y.) -- History
dc.subjectShipbuilding industry -- New York (State) -- Long Island -- History
dc.subjectCartography -- New York (State) -- Long Island
dc.subjectLong Island (N.Y.) -- Politics and government -- Congresses
dc.subjectEconomics -- New York (State) -- Long Island
dc.subjectLand use -- New York (State) -- Long Island
dc.titleLong Island Historical Journal, Volume 04, Number 1 (Fall 1991)
dc.title.alternateLong Island History Journal

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    The Long Island Historical Journal is a peer-reviewed, academic publication founded by Roger Wunderlich in 1988 at Stony Brook University.

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