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  • Bryant, Shannon; Brown, Donald (2008-04-02)
    Nutritional meals and knowledge of nutrition are two weapons needed to fight the battle on school lunches. Healthy menus play a significant role in training the minds of our future. Nutritional meals have been shown to ...
  • St. Croix, Jason M. (2008-04-02)
    This study is concerned with how parental involvement affects student achievement since parental involvement has implications for student achievement, behavior, and motivation. Educators realize there are obstacles that ...
  • Wanke, Ashley Ann (2008-05-12)
    Parent involvement has been shown to be an important variable that positively influences children’s education. In spite of this, many parents do not appear to be getting involved in their children’s education. This lack ...
  • Hanni, Dana M.; Phippen, Heather (2011-01-27)
    Parental involvement has been shown to be an important part of a student’s life. In our study and research, we found that the amount of participation that parent’s [sic] give can drastically improve a child’s social and ...
  • Keith, Jade; Pritchard, Tiffany; Roesch, Barry (2008-04-02)
    The purpose of this research was to identify if instructional techniques that have been deemed influential positively influence student motivation. This research examined student motivation in the classroom, instructional ...

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