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  • Awomolo, Adeola (2010-07-29)
    The importance of iron in living systems cannot be overestimated. If iron is not managed efficiently, the aftermath could be catastrophic. My research project focused on understanding the structure and function of a major ...
  • Hayden, Amanda (2010-07-29)
    The tradition of folk music can benefit any level of string teaching with its accessibility, culture, and intriguing history. All around the world, folk music is passed down through generations by rote, or without written ...
  • Lyon, Robert M. (2011-01-27)
    Debate over what influenced Roman city plans has permeated the scholarly community for decades. One hypothesis, with which I am in agreement, is that it was the Roman castra, or military camps, that provided a source for ...
  • Kandemir, Banu (2010-12-15)
    Iron is a metal essential to life and is necessary for a wide variety of metabolic purposes. Transferrin is a naturally occurring metal chelating protein responsible for the transport and donation of iron. My goal is to ...
  • Hill, Brayton (2011-01-25)
    The overwintering habitat of Blanding’s turtles, a threatened species in Northern New York, is largely unknown. It is also unknown whether all age and sex classes of these turtles select similar habitats or make periodic ...

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