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  • Incorporating Folk Music into a Public School String Program 

    Hayden, Amanda (2010-07-29)
    The tradition of folk music can benefit any level of string teaching with its accessibility, culture, and intriguing history. All around the world, folk music is passed down through generations by rote, or without written ...
  • Post-Bebop Modality: Middle Eastern Musical Style in Davis and Coltrane 

    Witulski, Christopher James (2008-04-29)
    The purpose of this study is to describe the uses of Middle Eastern and Andalusian musical style in the music of Gil Evans, Miles Davis and John Coltrane with special emphasis on their respective individual interpretations ...
  • The Wanderer's Way: the Grundgestalt and Developing Variation 

    Booth, Christopher (2006-10-12)
    The grundgestalt, a term of Schoenberg, referring to the initial material of a work that is organically developed through the entire work, is often employed in analysis and discussion of Beethoven and earlier Classicists, ...