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    • Sight Beyond Sights: Some Jokes About Naure 

      Berlangero, Thomas (2010-04-01)
      My project deals with the fundamentally Western conception of nature as being separate and distinct from human culture. Through painting, collage, and video, I attempt to explore the ways that landscape photography has ...
    • Persuit of Memory Through Landscape 

      Koo, Sueim (2010-04-01)
    • Down the Rabbit Hole 

      Fuerer, Robert (2010-04-01)
      My Senior Project is a reflection upon the dark side of modern society, fueled by a reaction to the global economic crisis of 2008, which devastated my family. These themes of social dysfunction are charged with my childhood ...
    • The Deep Blue: A series of Marine Wildlife Studies 

      Jimenez, Olivia Suzanne (2010-04-01)
      This project is a series of studies of aquatic life prefacing and inspired by a marine based children's book. An experimentation of medium and technique was applied in order to decide the medium of the book. Pen and ink, ...
    • Flux 

      Hay, Mistral (2010-04-01)
      Mistral Hay’s Senior BFA Photography project is composed of twenty‐four portraits of dancers right after they have finished dancing a performance. Her work is an experimentation with the concept of the “neutral” face in ...
    • American Habits 

      Kondel, Michael Florian (2010-04-01)
      This project consists of nine sculptures that outline different genres of American Habitats. Each sculpture is accompanied by two large silk‐screens that focus on different facets of each Habitat. Each silkscreen is hand ...
    • The World is Our Playground 

      Shissler, Michael B (2010-04-01)
      My vignettes are amalgamations, representing various occurrences or select moments from several road trips I undergo. Each painting is comprised of the people I admire and the activities we do together that I find unique ...
    • Tableau: A Series of Portraits 

      Roux, Manon M (2010-04-01)
    • Space Rocks 

      Bliss, Madeleine (2010-04-01)
      Space Rocks: A Look at Far-Out Minerals is a contribution to the movement to inspire space exploration. It is essential for people to come together as a species to support the expansion of discovery and learning. Human ...
    • The Triangle: How it Stood on its Own 

      Sobierajski, Leta (2010-04-01)
      A short animation narrating the story of a triangle and its desperate attempt to find comfort amongst its shapely contenders. Through various charts, graphs, and graphics, the triangle tests its abilities in complying with ...
    • Chapter 3: Storms 

      Scott, Leah (2010-04-01)
      The content of my paintings are born from a very internal and spiritual place, one where my emotion and imagination take precedence. In my work I aim to understand my internal conflicts and to describe visually what this ...
    • Senior Thesis 

      Santagata, Lauren M (2010-04-01)
    • A to B in Chronological Order 

      Knoerzer, Kevin (2010-04-01)
    • El Sueno Americano 

      Mejia, Kathleen (2010-04-01)
    • Painted Proscenia 

      Yamamoto, Karin (2010-04-01)
      My paintings are often interior scenes of my surroundings, from my studio and apartment to public spaces such as theaters and stores, which come from my memories and imaginings, focusing on color, light, and spatial ...
    • The Birth of a Typeface: Betsy 

      Campione, Jessica (2010-04-01)
      A description of the process of designing a typeface over the course of nine months and then determining what the best way to display it was. Exploring the issues that come with displaying something that is generally used ...
    • Understanding My Way 

      Tolman, Henry Harpe (2010-04-01)
    • Haewoosoo, "A Place for Dispelling Anxiety" 

      Kim, HeeKwang (2010-04-01)
    • No Arms to Hold You 

      Riley, Gillian (2010-04-01)
      Paintings explore feelings of loss and longing experienced by great distance using experimental painting techniques. Colorful and abrasive. Breasts abound.
    • Animation Experimentation and Prrocess 

      Soyuer, Ege (2010-04-01)