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  • Scott, Leah (2010-04-01)
    The content of my paintings are born from a very internal and spiritual place, one where my emotion and imagination take precedence. In my work I aim to understand my internal conflicts and to describe visually what this ...
  • Brown, Andrew (2010-04-01)
  • Jimenez, Olivia Suzanne (2010-04-01)
    This project is a series of studies of aquatic life prefacing and inspired by a marine based children's book. An experimentation of medium and technique was applied in order to decide the medium of the book. Pen and ink, ...
  • Piazza, Dana (2010-04-01)
  • Fuerer, Robert (2010-04-01)
    My Senior Project is a reflection upon the dark side of modern society, fueled by a reaction to the global economic crisis of 2008, which devastated my family. These themes of social dysfunction are charged with my childhood ...
  • Roslow, Madeleine (2009-12-11)
  • Mejia, Kathleen (2010-04-01)
  • Rozell, Cortney (2009-12-10)
    Face Time: The Art of Makeup was written by Cortney Rozell, a makeup artist and graphic designer, as a guide to understanding makeup as an artform. The book discusses everything from skin-care basics to each major aspect ...
  • Flux 
    Hay, Mistral (2010-04-01)
    Mistral Hay’s Senior BFA Photography project is composed of twenty‐four portraits of dancers right after they have finished dancing a performance. Her work is an experimentation with the concept of the “neutral” face in ...
  • Russell, Christina M (2010-04-01)
  • Kim, HeeKwang (2010-04-01)
  • de León, Jax (2009-12-10)
    I took the Sufjan Stevens album, Illinois, and created information graphics from different aspects of the music. This project is an experiment in taking an audio recording of music that is beautiful and personally meaningful ...
  • Abbott, Shelley (2009-06-24)
    Located within a larger social equality movement, the current global debate over legalizing same-sex marriage has personal implications for non-heterosexuals and their relationships. To understand the impact of legal ...
  • Riley, Gillian (2010-04-01)
    Paintings explore feelings of loss and longing experienced by great distance using experimental painting techniques. Colorful and abrasive. Breasts abound.
  • Capria, Alexandra (2009-12-10)
  • Yamamoto, Karin (2010-04-01)
    My paintings are often interior scenes of my surroundings, from my studio and apartment to public spaces such as theaters and stores, which come from my memories and imaginings, focusing on color, light, and spatial ...
  • Koo, Sueim (2010-04-01)
  • Alfonso, Veronica (2009-06-04)
    Do pessimists and optimists react differently to interruptions on a creativity task? Sixty participants were asked to complete the Attributional Style Questionnaire, three divergent thinking tasks, and a questionnaire ...
  • Pena-Diaz, Sonia (2009-06-04)
    Understanding how children perceive the concept of numbers is critical for developmental and cognitive psychologists, teachers, and even parents. This study seeks to answer whether the specific arrangement of a display ...
  • Koo, Sueim (2010-03-05)

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