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  • Self Help (I Am Afraid of the Universe) 

    Margoni, Nathan (2009-12-10)
  • Senior Show Fall 2009 

    Vogt, Antony D. (2010-04-01)
    My senior project is an exploration of architecture in a literal and metaphorical sense. My goal is to celebrate and slander gavity, physics, institutional fraud and absurdity in romanticism using processes such as Intaglio, ...
  • Senior Thesis 

    Santagata, Lauren M (2010-04-01)
  • Sight Beyond Sights: Some Jokes About Naure 

    Berlangero, Thomas (2010-04-01)
    My project deals with the fundamentally Western conception of nature as being separate and distinct from human culture. Through painting, collage, and video, I attempt to explore the ways that landscape photography has ...
  • Space Rocks 

    Bliss, Madeleine (2010-04-01)
    Space Rocks: A Look at Far-Out Minerals is a contribution to the movement to inspire space exploration. It is essential for people to come together as a species to support the expansion of discovery and learning. Human ...
  • Tableau: A Series of Portraits 

    Roux, Manon M (2010-04-01)
  • A to B in Chronological Order 

    Knoerzer, Kevin (2010-04-01)
  • The Triangle: How it Stood on its Own 

    Sobierajski, Leta (2010-04-01)
    A short animation narrating the story of a triangle and its desperate attempt to find comfort amongst its shapely contenders. Through various charts, graphs, and graphics, the triangle tests its abilities in complying with ...
  • Understanding My Way 

    Tolman, Henry Harpe (2010-04-01)
  • Vol. 05 No. 11 

    Halpert, Felicia; Petrucha, Stefan (Purchase College, 1977-04-19)
  • Vol. 05 No. 12 

    Halpert, Felicia; Petrucha, Stefan (Purchase College, 1977-04-29)
  • Vol. 05 No. 13 

    Halpert, Felicia; Petrucha, Stefan (Purchase College, 1977-06-02)
  • Vol. 06 No. 01 

    Halpert, Felicia; Petrucha, Stefan (Purchase College, 1977-10-11)
  • Vol. 06 No. 02 

    Petrucha, Stefan; Halpert, Felicia (Purchase College, 1977-10-18)
  • Vol. 06 No. 03 

    Petrucha, Stefan; Halpert, Felicia (Purchase College, 1977-11-08)
  • Vol. 06 No. 04 

    Unknown author (Purchase College, 1977-11-15)
  • Vol. 06 No. 05 

    Halpert, Felicia (Purchase College, 1978-02-14)
  • Vol. 06 No. 06 

    Halpert, Felicia (Purchase College, 1978-02-24)
  • Vol. 06 No. 07 

    Halpert, Felicia (Purchase College, 1978-04-27)
  • Vol. 07 April Fools Day Edition 

    Halpert, Felicia (Purchase College, 1979-04-01)