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  • Quest Proceedings 2008 

    Unknown author (2008-10-24)
    The Scholarly and Creative Activity Committee (SCAC) and the Office of Research and Sponsored Programs (ORSP) are genuinely proud to present the first Quest Proceedings. For many years we have been thinking about publishing ...
  • Quest Proceedings 2010 

    Phoenix, Daniel; Wilcox, Ellen; Halsey, Jessica; Ruckel, Lindsay; Fancher, Hannah; Gardiner, Matthew; House, Hollie; Isbell, Kimberly; Knoop, Kelly; Monaghan, Kelly; Richwalder, Alex; Smith, Kristen; Kyunghye, Yoon (2011-04-27)
    The Quest Proceedings are papers presented at Quest, SUNY Oswego's annual symposium dedicated to sharing the scholarly and creative pursuits of faculty, staff, and students.
  • Reply to Ward Churchill 

    Feldheim, Andrew (2008-11-03)
    In this paper, I reply to Ward Churchill’s contention that, in struggles against tyrannical regimes and oppressive political systems, nonviolent resistance is ineffectual without either corresponding violence or the threat ...
  • Sketch UML: A Tablet PC-Based E-Learning Tool for UML Syntax Using a Minimalistic Interface 

    Tenbergen, Bastian; Buck, Rick; Lazarro, Lisa (2008-10-24)
    The Interactive Learning Technology Laboratory of the State University of New York at Oswego has developed a Tablet PC-based, ink-input enabled learning utility that will aid students in learning the UML syntax as well as ...
  • Sofonisba Anguissola: ATalent That Tells The Truth 

    Getz, Sara (2008-11-03)
    Due to scientific theories about reproduction, women during the sixteenth century were thought of as inferior to men, unable to create, and unequipped to create new and unique artwork (Jacobs, 1999). During the sixteenth ...
  • The Structural Development of the Kanmantoo Schist Based on FIAs from Samples at Petrel Cove and the Strathalbyn Anticline 

    Bianchi, Laura (2008-10-24)
    Inclusions within porphyroblasts from Petrel Cove and the Strathalbyn Anticline provide evidence for metamorphic events not previously recognized in the Delamerian orogen because they contain more than five foliations ...
  • Systematic Fracture Analysis Using High-resolution Imagery: Examples from the Hudson Highlands and the Lake Ontario Shore 

    Valentino, Joshua; Cuevas, Regina L.; Valentino, David W.; Gates, Alexander E. (2008-10-24)
    Detailed bedrock joint patterns were studied in two parts of NY, integrating outcrop data and analysis of high-resolution images obtained through the NYS GIS Clearinghouse and supported by The Institute for the Application ...