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38th Session (2002-3) Legislative Documents

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38th Leg. Sess ... 3 to 11th mtg of 12.02.pdf 2.360Mb View/Open 20th Meeting 2002 to 11th Meeting 2003 38th Leg. Sess ... Budget Proposal 03-04.pdf 2.233Mb View/Open Executive Budget Proposal 38th Leg. Sess ... Budget Proposal 03-04.pdf 2.199Mb View/Open Executive Budget Proposal 38th Leg. Sess ... .02 to mtg.13 of 12.02.pdf 3.993Mb View/Open Financial Statements and Meetings 38th Leg. Sess. ... 02 to 22nd mtg of 4.03.pdf 2.830Mb View/Open 11th Meeting of 2002 to 22nd Meeting of 2003 38th Leg. Sess. ... 3 to 21st mtg. of 3.03.pdf 2.346Mb View/Open 14th Meeting to 21st Meeting of 2003 38th Leg. Sess. ... ervices-25 mtg of 4.03.pdf 3.221Mb View/Open Executive Services and Meetings 38th Session 1.0 TOC.pdf 209.3Kb View/Open Table of Contents 38th Session 2.1 Mtg. 1-5 Min..pdf 1.114Mb View/Open Meetings 1 through 5 of Session 2.1 38th Session 2.2 Mtg. 6-10 Min..pdf 2.211Mb View/Open Meetings 6-10 of Session 2.2 38th Session 2.3 Mtg. 11-15 Min..pdf 2.095Mb View/Open Meetings 11-15 of Session 2.3 38th Session 2.4 Mtg. 16-20 Min..pdf 1.892Mb View/Open Meetings 16-20 of Session 2.4 38th Session 2.5 Mtg. 21-25 Min..pdf 2.735Mb View/Open Meeting 21-25 of Session 2.5 38th Session 3.1 Executive Orders.pdf 417.9Kb View/Open Executive Orders 38th Session 4.1 Bills 1-13.pdf 958.4Kb View/Open Bills 1-13 38th Session 4.2 Bills 14-26.pdf 1.754Mb View/Open Bills 14-26 38th Session 4.3 Bills 27-39.pdf 1.105Mb View/Open Bills 27-39 38th Session 4.4 Bills 40-51.pdf 2.664Mb View/Open Bills 40-51 38th Session 5.1 Resolutions.pdf 1.295Mb View/Open Resolutions 38th Sesson 4.5 Bills 52-67.pdf 772.9Kb View/Open Bills 52-67

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