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    • Designing Websites for Mobile Devices 

      various (2008-04-28)
      This two-day class will give you the practical knowledge to effectively plan, crate and deliver websites for mobile devices, such as phones, PDA's, Blackberry's, etc. Combining the power of XHTML and CSS, we will crate a ...
    • Strategic Planning Institute 

      various (2008-04-28)
      Strategic planning is a process that initiates and sustains the change necessary for building capacity and improving performance.
    • SUNY Spring 2008 Teaching & Learning Day: Teaching Well and Course Design 

      various (2008-04-28)
      Dr. Dee Fink, National Project Director, Teaching & Curriculum Assessment Project leads this one-day workshop that explores WHAT we teach, HOW we teach, How we GEAR UP as teachers, and WHO we are as educators.