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dc.descriptionTechnical Physics -- August 2000 Volume 45, Issue 8, pp. 955-1097 THEORETICAL AND MATHEMATICAL PHYSICS Analytical Solution to the Skin-Effect Problem for an Arbitrary Accommodation Coefficient of Electron Tangential Momentum A. V. Latyshev and A. A. Yushkanov pp. 955-962 Full Text: PDF (91 kB) Resonance Vibrations of Elastic Waveguides with Inertial Inclusions D. A. Indeitsev, A. D. Sergeev, and S. S. Litvin pp. 963-970 Full Text: PDF (114 kB) A High-Gradient Accelerator Based on a Faster-than-Light Radiation Source Yu. N. Lazarev and P. V. Petrov pp. 971-979 Full Text: PDF (148 kB) ATOMS, SPECTRA, AND RADIATION Emission of Particles from a Magnetic Trap Yu. G. Pavlenko pp. 980-986 Full Text: PDF (94 kB) GASES AND LIQUIDS Nonlinear Development of Capillary Waves in a Viscous Liquid Jet Yu. G. Chesnokov pp. 987-994 Full Text: PDF (93 kB) On Capillary Motion of a Viscoelastic Liquid with a Charged Free Surface S. O. Shiryaeva and O. A. Grigor'ev pp. 995-1000 Full Text: PDF (76 kB) Nonlinear Capillary Oscillation of a Charged Drop D. F. Belonozhko and A. I. Grigor'ev pp. 1001-1008 Full Text: PDF (105 kB) GAS DISCHARGES, PLASMA Electron Heat Transport in the Magnetic Filter of a Volume Plasma-Based Source of H–/D– Ions O. L. Veresov, S. V. Grigorenko, and S. Yu. Udovichenko pp. 1009-1013 Full Text: PDF (75 kB) SOLIDS Simulation of the Melting and Crystallization Processes in Monocrystalline Silicon Exposed to Nanosecond Laser Radiation S. P. Zhvavyi pp. 1014-1018 Full Text: PDF (70 kB) The Determination of the Model Interaction Potential Parameters from a Comparison of Experimental and Calculated Ion Ranges in an Amorphous Substance E. G. Sheikin pp. 1019-1024 Full Text: PDF (70 kB) Theoretical and Experimental Study of Photoacoustic and Electron–Acoustic Effects in Solids with Internal Stresses K. L. Muratikov and A. L. Glazov pp. 1025-1031 Full Text: PDF (269 kB) SOLID-STATE ELECTRONICS Special Features of the Growth of Hydrogenated Amorphous Silicon in PECVD Reactors Yu. E. Gorbachev, M. A. Zatevakhin, V. V. Krzhizhanovskaya, and V. A. Shveigert pp. 1032-1041 Full Text: PDF (126 kB) OPTICS, QUANTUM ELECTRONICS Electroluminescence of Ion-Implanted Si–SiO2 Structures A. P. Baraban, P. P. Konorov, L. V. Malyavka, and A. G. Troshikhin pp. 1042-1044 Full Text: PDF (54 kB) ACOUSTICS, ACOUSTOELECTRONICS Acousto-Optical Filtering Using Short Acoustic Trains V. N. Parygin, A. V. Vershubskii, and K. A. Kholostov pp. 1045-1050 Full Text: PDF (80 kB) RADIOPHYSICS Calculation of the Relaxation Time from the Frequency Spectra of Ferrites K. Yu. Bazhukov, Yu. V. Gol'chevskii, and L. N. Kotov pp. 1051-1053 Full Text: PDF (42 kB) ELECTRON AND ION BEAMS, ACCELERATORS Electron Acceleration by Gaussian Electromagnetic Beam in a Stationary Magnetic Field V. P. Milantiev and Ya. N. Shaar pp. 1054-1057 Full Text: PDF (53 kB) Six-Electrode Deflectron L. P. Ovsyannikova and T. Ya. Fishkova pp. 1058-1062 Full Text: PDF (59 kB) SURFACES, ELECTRON AND ION EMISSION Emission of Charged Clusters during Metal Sputtering by Ions V. I. Matveev pp. 1063-1069 Full Text: PDF (84 kB) EXPERIMENTAL INSTRUMENTS AND TECHNIQUES Coordinate Correction for Parallax for Gamma-Ray Beams Detected by Counters Based on Thin-Film Drift Tubes S. P. Lobastov, V. M. Lysan, V. D. Peshekhonov, and V. I. Smirichinskii pp. 1070-1074 Full Text: PDF (74 kB) Advantages of Anhysteretic Magnetooptic Films in Nondestructive Testing V. V. Randoshkin, M. Yu. Gusev, Yu. F. Kozlov, and N. S. Neustroev pp. 1075-1080 Full Text: PDF (881 kB) BRIEF COMMUNICATIONS Local Plasma Parameters and Integral Characteristics of a Magnetogasdynamic Channel under Conditions of Ionization Instability R. V. Vasil'eva, E. A. D'yakonova, A. V. Erofeev, and T. A. Lapushkina pp. 1081-1084 Full Text: PDF (67 kB) Free-Running Emerald Laser V. V. Antsiferov pp. 1085-1087 Full Text: PDF (54 kB) Adiabatic Compression of Matter by a Shell V. V. Prut pp. 1088-1090 Full Text: PDF (45 kB) Electroviscous Effect in an Alternating Electric Field A. A. Ostapenko pp. 1091-1093 Full Text: PDF (62 kB) The Behavior of Higher Manganese Silicide Single Crystals under Electrochemical Treatment F. Yu. Solomkin pp. 1094-1095 Full Text: PDF (35 kB) Generation and Amplification of Electromagnetic Waves by an Annular Electron Beam in a Radial Electric Field in Free Space Yu. V. Kirichenko pp. 1096-1097 Full Text: PDF (34 kB)en
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