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dc.descriptionSemiconductors -- November 2005 Volume 39, Issue 11, pp. 1235-1360 REVIEW Light-Emitting Diodes Based on GaSb Alloys for the 1.6–4.4 µm Mid-Infrared Spectral Range T. N. Danilova, B. E. Zhurtanov, A. N. Imenkov, and Yu. P. Yakovlev pp. 1235-1266 Full Text: PDF (482 kB) ATOMIC STRUCTURE AND NONELECTRONIC PROPERTIES OF SEMICONDUCTORS Growth Kinetics of Thin Films Formed by Nucleation during Layer Formation V. G. Dubrovskii and G. E. Cirlin pp. 1267-1274 Full Text: PDF (102 kB) Hydrogen Desorption from the Surface under the Conditions of Epitaxial Growth of Silicon Layers from Monosilane in Vacuum L. K. Orlov and T. N. Smyslova pp. 1275-1279 Full Text: PDF (63 kB) Adsorption, Desorption, and Contact and Thermal Transformation of C60 Molecules on a Ta(100) Surface N. R. Gall', E. V. Rut'kov, and A. Ya. Tontegode[dagger] pp. 1280-1284 Full Text: PDF (83 kB) ELECTRONIC AND OPTICAL PROPERTIES OF SEMICONDUCTORS Applicability of a Simplified Shockley–Read–Hall Model to Semiconductors with Various Types of Defects A. N. Yashin pp. 1285-1289 Full Text: PDF (61 kB) SEMICONDUCTOR STRUCTURES, INTERFACES, AND SURFACES Sensitivity of Insulator–Semiconductor Structures to Time-Dependent Light Fluxes N. F. Kovtonyuk, V. P. Misnik, and A. V. Sokolov pp. 1290-1293 Full Text: PDF (48 kB) Photosensitivity of Heterostructures Based on Finely Ground Semiconductor Phases Yu. A. Nikolaev, V. Yu. Rud', Yu. V. Rud', E. I. Terukov, and T. N. Ushakova pp. 1294-1298 Full Text: PDF (65 kB) Dynamics of Laser-Induced Phase Transitions in Cadmium Telluride A. A. Kovalev, S. P. Zhvavyi, and G. L. Zykov pp. 1299-1303 Full Text: PDF (72 kB) LOW-DIMENSIONAL SYSTEMS Studies of the Electron Spectrum in Structures with InGaN Quantum Dots Using Photocurrent Spectroscopy D. S. Sizov, V. S. Sizov, V. V. Lundin, A. F. Tsatsul'nikov, E. E. Zavarin, and N. N. Ledentsov pp. 1304-1307 Full Text: PDF (51 kB) Specific Features of Photoluminescence of InAs/GaAs QD Structures at Different Pumping Levels V. A. Kulbachinskii, V. A. Rogozin, R. A. Lunin, A. A. Belov, A. L. Karuzskii, A. V. Perestoronin, and A. V. Zdoroveishchev pp. 1308-1312 Full Text: PDF (110 kB) Interband Light Absorption in Size-Confined Systems in Uniform Electric Fields É. P. Sinyavski, S. M. Sokovnich, and R. A. Khamidullin pp. 1313-1318 Full Text: PDF (93 kB) Photoluminescence of Silicon Nanocrystals under the Effect of an Electric Field E. N. Vandyshev, A. M. Gilinskii, T. S. Shamirzaev, and K. S. Zhuravlev pp. 1319-1322 Full Text: PDF (60 kB) Circular Polarization of Luminescence Caused by the Current in Quantum Wells N. S. Averkiev and A. Yu. Silov pp. 1323-1327 Full Text: PDF (68 kB) AMORPHOUS, VITREOUS, AND POROUS SEMICONDUCTORS Opal–ZnO Nanocomposites: Structure and Emission Properties G. A. Emel'chenko, A. N. Gruzintsev, M. N. Koval'chuk, V. M. Masalov, É. N. Samarov, E. E. Yakimov, C. Barthou, and I. I. Zver'kova pp. 1328-1332 Full Text: PDF (206 kB) Luminescence and Electrical Conductivity of Polyamide Acid and Its Metal–Polymer Complexes with La and Tb É. A. Lebedev, M. Ya. Goikhman, D. M. Zhigunov, I. V. Podeshvo, V. V. Kudryavtsev, and V. Yu. Timoshenko pp. 1333-1337 Full Text: PDF (68 kB) Effect of the Initial Doping Level on Changes in the Free-Carrier Concentration in Porous Silicon during Ammonia Adsorption A. V. Pavlikov, L. A. Osminkina, I. A. Belogorokhov, E. A. Konstantinova, A. I. Efimova, V. Yu. Timoshenko, and P. K. Kashkarov pp. 1338-1341 Full Text: PDF (73 kB) PHYSICS OF SEMICONDUCTOR DEVICES Removal of Fluoropolimers from the Surface of Silicon Structures by Treatment in an Atomic Hydrogen Flow E. V. Anishchenko, V. A. Kagadei, E. V. Nefedtsev, D. I. Proskurovskii, and S. V. Romanenko pp. 1342-1345 Full Text: PDF (154 kB) A New Type of High-Efficiency Bifacial Silicon Solar Cell with External Busbars and a Current-Collecting Wire Grid G. G. Untila, T. N. Kost, A. B. Chebotareva, M. B. Zaks, A. M. Sitnikov, and O. I. Solodukha pp. 1346-1351 Full Text: PDF (71 kB) Some Aspects of the RHEED Behavior of Low-Temperature GaAs Growth Á. Nemcsics pp. 1352-1355 Full Text: PDF (45 kB) Enhancement of Spontaneous Erbium Emission near the Photonic Band Edge of Distributed Bragg Reflectors Based on a-Si:H/a-SiOx:H A. V. Medvedev, N. A. Feoktistov, A. B. Pevtsov, and V. G. Golubev pp. 1356-1360 Full Text: PDF (68 kB)en
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