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dc.descriptionSemiconductors -- May 2005 Volume 39, Issue 5, pp. 485-607 ELECTRONIC AND OPTICAL PROPERTIES OF SEMICONDUCTORS The Effect of Oxygen on the ZnS Electronic Energy-Band Structure N. K. Morozova, I. A. Karetnikov, K. V. Golub, N. D. Danilevich, V. M. Lisitsyn, and V. I. Oleshko pp. 485-492 Full Text: PDF (113 kB) Magnetic Ordering Effects in Heavily Doped GaAs:Fe Crystals B. P. Popov, V. K. Sobolevskii, E. G. Apushkinskii, and V. P. Savel'ev pp. 493-498 Full Text: PDF (91 kB) The Electrical and Optical Properties of InP Irradiated with High Integrated Fluxes of Neutrons V. N. Brudnyi, N. G. Kolin, D. I. Merkurisov, and V. A. Novikov pp. 499-505 Full Text: PDF (100 kB) The Conductivity and Hall Effect in CdF2:In and CdF2:Y I. I. Saidashev, E. Yu. Perlin, A. I. Ryskin, and A. S. Shcheulin pp. 506-513 Full Text: PDF (107 kB) The Conductivity Tensor and Frequency of Electron Momentum Relaxation in the Case of Scattering by Ionized Impurities in a Magnetic Field: The Density Matrix Method V. E. Kaminskii pp. 514-520 Full Text: PDF (85 kB) The Extrinsic Photoconductivity of Chalcogens in Ge1 – xSix Solid Solutions N. B. Radchuk and A. Yu. Ushakov pp. 521-522 Full Text: PDF (29 kB) SEMICONDUCTOR STRUCTURES, INTERFACES, AND SURFACES Specific Features of Epitaxial-Film Formation on Porous III–V Substrates A. A. Sitnikova, A. V. Bobyl, S. G. Konnikov, and V. P. Ulin pp. 523-527 Full Text: PDF (265 kB) p+-Si–n-CdF2 Heterojunctions N. T. Bagraev, L. E. Klyachkin, A. M. Malyarenko, A. I. Ryskin, and A. S. Shcheulin pp. 528-532 Full Text: PDF (577 kB) Injection Currents in Narrow-Gap (Pb1 – xSnxTe):In Insulators A. N. Akimov, V. G. Erkov, A. E. Klimov, E. L. Molodtsova, S. P. Suprun, and V. N. Shumsky pp. 533-538 Full Text: PDF (83 kB) The Generation–Recombination Mechanism of Charge Transport in a Thin-Film CdS/CdTe Heterojunction L. A. Kosyachenko, X. Mathew, V. V. Motushchuk, and V. M. Sclyarchuk pp. 539-542 Full Text: PDF (63 kB) LOW-DIMENSIONAL SYSTEMS The Resonant Tunneling of Holes through Double-Barrier Structures with InAs QDs at the Center of a GaAs Quantum Well E. N. Morozova, O. N. Makarovskii, V. A. Volkov, Yu. V. Dubrovskii[dagger], L. Turyanska, E. E. Vdovin, A. Patané, L. Eaves, and M. Henini pp. 543-546 Full Text: PDF (65 kB) Threshold Behavior of the Formation of Nanometer Islands in a Ge/Si(100) System in the Presence of Sb G. E. Cirlin, V. G. Dubrovskii, A. A. Tonkikh, N. V. Sibirev, V. M. Ustinov, and P. Werner pp. 547-551 Full Text: PDF (275 kB) The Formation of Silicon Nanocrystals in SiO2 Layers by the Implantation of Si Ions with Intermediate Heat Treatments G. A. Kachurin, V. A. Volodin, D. I. Tetel'baum, D. V. Marin, A. F. Leier, A. K. Gutakovskii, A. G. Cherkov, and A. N. Mikhailov pp. 552-556 Full Text: PDF (236 kB) The Diffusion Mechanism in the Formation of GaAs and AlGaAs Nanowhiskers during the Process of Molecular-Beam Epitaxy G. E. Cirlin, V. G. Dubrovskii, N. V. Sibirev, I. P. Soshnikov, Yu. B. Samsonenko, A. A. Tonkikh, and V. M. Ustinov pp. 557-564 Full Text: PDF (319 kB) AMORPHOUS, VITREOUS, AND POROUS SEMICONDUCTORS The Electronic and Emissive Properties of Au-Doped Porous Silicon V. E. Primachenko, Ja. F. Kononets, B. M. Bulakh, E. F. Venger, É. B. Kaganovich, I. M. Kizyak, S. I. Kirillova, É. G. Manoilov, and Yu. A. Tsyrkunov pp. 565-571 Full Text: PDF (90 kB) The Influence of Vacuum Annealing Temperature on the Fundamental Absorption Edge and Structural Relaxation of a-SiC:H Films A. V. Vasin, A. V. Rusavsky, V. S. Lysenko, A. N. Nazarov, V. I. Kushnirenko, S. P. Starik, and V. G. Stepanov pp. 572-576 Full Text: PDF (78 kB) Simulation of the Electrical Properties of Polycrystalline Ceramic Semiconductors with Submicrometer Grain Sizes I. V. Rozhanskii and D. A. Zakheim pp. 577-584 Full Text: PDF (193 kB) Features of the Vibrational Spectra of Diamond-like and Polymer-like a-C:H Films E. A. Konshina and A. I. Vangonen pp. 585-590 Full Text: PDF (73 kB) PHYSICS OF SEMICONDUCTOR DEVICES Electric Fatigue in MOS Structures due to Lowering of the Potential Barrier during the Field Ionization of Insulator Atoms I. S. Savinov pp. 591-593 Full Text: PDF (50 kB) Tunnel-Recombination Currents and Electroluminescence Efficiency in InGaN/GaN LEDs N. I. Bochkareva, E. A. Zhirnov, A. A. Efremov, Yu. T. Rebane, R. I. Gorbunov, and Yu. G. Shreter pp. 594-599 Full Text: PDF (96 kB) Effect of Uniaxial Compression on the Photoconversion Parameters in a p-GaSe–n-InSe Optical Contact S. I. Drapak, M. O. Vorobets, and Z. D. Kovalyuk pp. 600-602 Full Text: PDF (46 kB) The Influence of Gain Saturation on the Output Power of Quantum-Well Semiconductor Lasers G. G. Zegrya and I. Yu. Solov'ev pp. 603-607 Full Text: PDF (64 kB)en
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dc.titleSemiconductors V. 39, I. 05en

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