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dc.descriptionSemiconductors -- November 2000 Volume 34, Issue 11, pp. 1229-1354 REVIEWS Silicon–Germanium Nanostructures with Quantum Dots: Formation Mechanisms and Electrical Properties O. P. Pchelyakov, Yu. B. Bolkhovityanov, A. V. Dvurechenskii, L. V. Sokolov, A. I. Nikiforov, A. I. Yakimov, and B. Voigtländer pp. 1229-1247 Full Text: PDF (436 kB) ATOMIC STRUCTURE AND NONELECTRONIC PROPERTIES OF SEMICONDUCTORS Internal Microstrain and Distribution of Composition and Cathodoluminescence over Lapped AlxGa1 – xN Epilayers on Sapphire A. S. Usikov, V. V. Tret'yakov, A. V. Bobyl', R. N. Kyutt, W. V. Lundin, B. V. Pushnyi, and N. M. Shmidt pp. 1248-1254 Full Text: PDF (164 kB) Epitaxial Deposition of InGaAsP Solid Solutions in the Miscibility Gap L. S. Vavilova, V. A. Kapitonov, A. V. Murashova, and I. S. Tarasov pp. 1255-1258 Full Text: PDF (293 kB) ELECTRONIC AND OPTICAL PROPERTIES OF SEMICONDUCTORS Influence of Heat Treatment on Luminescence of Semi-Insulating Undoped GaAs Crystals K. D. Glinchuk, N. M. Litovchenko, A. V. Prokhorovich, and O. N. Stril'chuk pp. 1259-1263 Full Text: PDF (70 kB) Basic Principles of Postgrowth Annealing of CdTe:Cl Ingot to Obtain Semi-Insulating Crystals O. A. Matveev and A. I. Terent'ev pp. 1264-1269 Full Text: PDF (81 kB) A Quasi-Linear Photorefractive Effect in Silicon A. L. Filatov pp. 1270-1274 Full Text: PDF (63 kB) Fabrication and Photoelectronic Properties of ZnTe Single Crystals and Schottky Diodes G. A. Il'chuk, V. I. Ivanov-Omskii, V. Yu. Rud', Yu. V. Rud', R. N. Bekimbetov, and N. A. Ukrainets pp. 1275-1280 Full Text: PDF (84 kB) Quasi-localized States and Resonance Scattering of Particles by Defects in Semiconductor Crystals with Band Spectrum Structure S. E. Savotchenko pp. 1281-1286 Full Text: PDF (76 kB) Magneto-Optical Study of Bismuth at 80–280 K V. M. Grabov, K. G. Ivanov, and A. A. Zaitsev pp. 1287-1289 Full Text: PDF (52 kB) Stimulation of Luminescence in Graded-Gap AlxGa1 – xAs Semiconductors K. Pozela, R.-A. Bendorius, J. Pozela, and A. Silenas pp. 1290-1294 Full Text: PDF (72 kB) SEMICONDUCTOR STRUCTURES, INTERFACES, AND SURFACES Photoelectric Properties of Isotype and Anisotype Si/GaN:O Heterojunctions S. E. Aleksandrov, T. A. Gavrikova, and V. A. Zykov pp. 1295-1300 Full Text: PDF (90 kB) Nanorelief of a GaN Surface: the Effect of Sulfide Treatment V. N. Bessolov, Yu. V. Zhilyaev, E. E. Zavarin, M. E. Kompan, E. V. Konenkova, A. S. Usikov, and V. A. Fedirko pp. 1301-1304 Full Text: PDF (123 kB) The Dislocation Origin and Model of Excess Tunnel Current in GaP p–n Structures V. V. Evstropov, M. Dzhumaeva, Yu. V. Zhilyaev, N. Nazarov, A. A. Sitnikova, and L. M. Fedorov pp. 1305-1310 Full Text: PDF (161 kB) LOW-DIMENSIONAL SYSTEMS Photoresistance of Si/Ge/Si Structures with Germanium Quantum Dots O. A. Shegai, K. S. Zhuravlev, V. A. Markov, A. I. Nikiforov, and O. P. Pchelyakov pp. 1311-1315 Full Text: PDF (80 kB) The Emission from the Structures with Arrays of Coupled Quantum Dots Grown by the Submonolayer Epitaxy in the Spectral Range of 1.3–1.4 µm B. V. Volovik, D. S. Sizov, A. F. Tsatsul'nikov, Yu. G. Musikhin, N. N. Ledentsov, V. M. Ustinov, V. A. Egorov, V. N. Petrov, N. K. Polyakov, and G. É. Tsyrlin pp. 1316-1320 Full Text: PDF (133 kB) A Nonlinear Theory of Coherent Oscillations in a Resonance-Tunnel Diode in a Wide Frequency Range V. F. Elesin, I. Yu. Kateev, and A. I. Podlivaev pp. 1321-1326 Full Text: PDF (75 kB) Optical-Absorption Spectra of PbS/C-Based Fibonacci Superlattices with Phonon-Assisted Transitions S. F. Musikhin, O. V. Rabizo, V. I. Il'in, A. S. Fedorov, and L. V. Sharonova pp. 1327-1329 Full Text: PDF (38 kB) AMORPHOUS, VITREOUS, AND POROUS SEMICONDUCTORS Electrical Properties of Hydrogenated Amorphous Ge0.90Si0.1:Hx Films B. A. Nadzhafov pp. 1330-1333 Full Text: PDF (61 kB) Photoresponse and Electroluminescence of Silicon–– Structures L. V. Belyakov, D. N. Goryachev, and O. M. Sreseli pp. 1334-1337 Full Text: PDF (56 kB) PHYSICS OF SEMICONDUCTOR DEVICES Laser Waveguide with a Reverse Gradient of the Refractive Index E. Yu. Kotel'nikov, I. V. Kudryashov, M. G. Rastegaeva, A. A. Katsnel'son, A. S. Shkol'nik, and V. P. Evtikhiev pp. 1338-1340 Full Text: PDF (52 kB) The Power Density Giving Rise to Optical Degradation of Mirrors in InGaAs/AlGaAs/GaAs-Based Laser Diodes E. Yu. Kotel'nikov, A. A. Katsnel'son, I. V. Kudryashov, M. G. Rastegaeva, W. Richter, V. P. Evtikhiev, I. S. Tarasov, and Zh. I. Alferov pp. 1341-1342 Full Text: PDF (32 kB) InAsSb/InAsSbP Double-Heterostructure Lasers Emitting at 3–4 µm: Part I T. N. Danilova, A. N. Imenkov, V. V. Sherstnev, and Yu. P. Yakovlev pp. 1343-1350 Full Text: PDF (110 kB) A Coherent Laser Based on a Two-Well Structure V. F. Elesin and A. V. Tsukanov pp. 1351-1354 Full Text: PDF (55 kB)en
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dc.titleSemiconductors V. 34, I. 11en

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