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dc.descriptionSemiconductors -- December 1999 Volume 33, Issue 12, pp. 1265-1330 ATOMIC STRUCTURE AND NON-ELECTRONIC PROPERTIES OF SEMICONDUCTORS Distribution of hydrogen in silicon and silicon carbide following high-temperature proton irradiation V. V. Kozlovskii and V. A. Kozlov Full Text: PDF (28 kB) ELECTRONIC AND OPTICAL PROPERTIES OF SEMICONDUCTORS Electronic properties of ZnGeP2 crystals obtained by a solid-phase reaction A. A. Vaipolin, Yu. V. Rud', T. N. Ushakova, and V. Yu. Rud' Full Text: PDF (61 kB) Behavior of manganese impurities in Hg3In2Te6 O. G. Grushka, Z. M. Grushka, V. M. Frasunyak, and V. S. Gerasimenko Full Text: PDF (127 kB) Photoelectric properties of Hg1–xCdxTe single crystals grown from the vapor phase S. S. Varshava, I. V. Kurilo, I. S. Virt, and D. I. Tsyutsyura Full Text: PDF (44 kB) Nature of the nuclei for thermal donor formation in silicon (or another variant of accelerated oxygen diffusion) V. B. Neimash, E. A. Puzenko, A. N. Kabaldin, A. N. Kraichinskii, and N. N. Kras'ko Full Text: PDF (54 kB) Donor-acceptor photoluminescence of weakly compensated GaN:Mg V. Yu. Nekrasov, L. V. Belyakov, O. M. Sreseli, and N. N. Zinov'ev Full Text: PDF (131 kB) Cascade capture of electrons by dislocations in many-valley semiconductors Z. A. Veliev Full Text: PDF (36 kB) SEMICONDUCTORS STRUCTURES,INTERFACES,AND SURFACES Electrical properties of Hg1–xMnxTe-based photodiodes L. A. Kosyachenko, I. M. Rarenko, O. A. Bodnaruk, and Sun Weiguo Full Text: PDF (64 kB) Drag current for ionization of impurities by an electromagnetic wave in a semiconductor superlattice M. V. Vyazovskii and G. A. Syrodoev Full Text: PDF (62 kB) Position of the Fermi level on an indium arsenide surface treated in sulfur vapor N. N. Bezryadin, E. A. Tatokhin, A. V. Budanov, A. V. Linnik, and I. N. Arsent'ev Full Text: PDF (33 kB) LOW-DIMENSIONAL SYSTEMS Effect of anisotropy of band structure on optical gain in spherical quantum dots based on PbS and PbSe A. D. Andreev and A. A. Lipovskii Full Text: PDF (76 kB) Superradiance in semiconductors S. V. Zaitsev, L. A. Graham, D. L. Huffaker, N. Yu. Gordeev, V. I. Kopchatov, L. Ya. Karachinsky, I. I. Novikov, and P. S. Kop'ev Full Text: PDF (80 kB) AMORPHOUS,GLASSY,AND POROUS SEMICONDUCTORS Effect of gamma irradiation on the photoluminescence kinetics of porous silicon V. F. Agekyan, Yu. A. Stepanov, V. V. Emtsev, A. A. Lebedev, D. S. Poloskin, and A. D. Remenyuk Full Text: PDF (42 kB) PHYSICS OF SEMICONDUCTOR DEVICES Photodetectors based on osmium-doped silicon M. S. Yunusov, R. A. Muminov, G. Nurkuziev, N. Gapparov, and A. Kholboev Full Text: PDF (27 kB) Effect of liquid dielectrics on the efficiency of silicon solar cells Yu. A. Abramyan, G. G. Karamyan, A. A. Murodyan, V. I. Stafeev, and V. I. Serago Full Text: PDF (31 kB) Two-mode diode-laser spectroscopy with a InAsSb/InAsSbP laser near 3.6 µm A. P. Danilova, A. N. Imenkov, N. M. Kolchanova, V. V. Sherstnev, Yu. P. Yakovlev, and S. Civis Full Text: PDF (84 kB) Nonpolarizing radiation detectors based on wide-gap semiconductor crystals P. G. Kasherininov, A. N. Lodygin, S. S. Martynov, and V. S. Khrunov Full Text: PDF (41 kB)en
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