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dc.descriptionPlasma Physics Reports -- January 2005 Volume 31, Issue 1, pp. 1-91 30th Anniversary of Our Journal pp. 1-2 Full Text: PDF (21 kB) MAGNETIC CONFINEMENT SYSTEMS Stabilization of Ballooning Modes by Nonparaxial Cells V. V. Arsenin, A. V. Zvonkov, and A. A. Skovoroda pp. 3-13 Full Text: PDF (141 kB) STELLARATORS Steady Solutions to Neoclassical Transport Equations and the Absence of Bifurcated States L. M. Kovrizhnykh pp. 14-25 Full Text: PDF (147 kB) PLASMA DYNAMICS Localization of Magnetized Electrons in Current Filaments as a Fundamental Cause of Coulomb Explosion A. V. Gordeev and T. V. Losseva pp. 26-45 Full Text: PDF (288 kB) DUSTY PLASMA Basics of Dusty Plasma A. M. Ignatov pp. 46-56 Full Text: PDF (336 kB) TURBULENCE AND CHAOS New Possibilities for the Mathematical Modeling of Turbulent Transport Processes in Plasma N. N. Skvortsova, V. Yu. Korolev, T. A. Maravina, G. M. Batanov, A. E. Petrov, A. A. Pshenichnikov, K. A. Sarksyan, N. K. Kharchev, J. Sanchez, and S. Kubo pp. 57-74 Full Text: PDF (270 kB) LOW-TEMPERATURE PLASMA The Effect of a Corona Discharge on a Lightning Attachment N. L. Aleksandrov, E. M. Bazelyan, and Yu. P. Raizer pp. 75-91 Full Text: PDF (188 kB)en
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dc.publisherMAIK “Nauka/Interperiodica”.en
dc.relation.ispartofseriesV. 31en
dc.relation.ispartofseriesI. 01en
dc.subjectPlasma Physics Reportsen
dc.titlePlasma Physics Reports V. 31, I. 01en

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