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dc.descriptionPlasma Physics Reports -- April 2003 Volume 29, Issue 4, pp. 279-354 MAGNETIC CONFINEMENT SYSTEMS Relaxation of Plasma Rotation in Toroidal Magnetic Confinement Systems L. M. Kovrizhnykh pp. 279-289 Full Text: PDF (163 kB) PLASMA DYNAMICS Properties of Soft X-ray Emission from a Fast Capillary Discharge K. Kolácek, J. Schmidt, V. Bohácek, M. Rípa, A. A. Rupasov, A. S. Shikanov, P. Kubes, and J. Kravárik pp. 290-295 Full Text: PDF (254 kB) DUSTY PLASMA Interaction between Dust Grains near a Conducting Wall A. M. Ignatov pp. 296-299 Full Text: PDF (53 kB) BEAMS IN PLASMA Quasilinear Relaxation of a Low-Density Electron Beam in a Plasma V. G. Ledenev and A. P. Starygin pp. 300-306 Full Text: PDF (94 kB) NONLINEAR PHENOMENA Effect of the Ponderomotive Force on the Development of Beam–Plasma Instability Yu. P. Bliokh, M. G. Lyubarsky, N. M. Zemlyansky, V. I. Mirny, V. O. Podobinsky, G. V. Sotnikov, and Ya. B. Fainberg pp. 307-327 Full Text: PDF (267 kB) PLASMA INSTABILITY Long-Wavelength Instability of Periodic Flows and Helicon Waves in Electron Magnetohydrodynamics V. P. Lakhin and V. D. Levchenko pp. 328-345 Full Text: PDF (218 kB) LOW-TEMPERATURE PLASMA Theory of the Acoustic Instability and Behavior of the Phase Velocity of Acoustic Waves in a Weakly Ionized Plasma O. S. Torosyan and A. R. Mkrtchyan pp. 346-354 Full Text: PDF (117 kB)en
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dc.publisherMAIK “Nauka/Interperiodica”.en
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dc.subjectPlasma Physics Reportsen
dc.titlePlasma Physics Reports V. 29, I. 04en

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