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dc.descriptionPhysics of Atomic Nuclei -- July 2005 Volume 68, Issue 7, pp. 1079-1262 NUCLEI Experiment Alpha-Cluster States in 18O V. Z. Goldberg, K.-M. Källman, T. Lönnroth, P. Manngård, and B. B. Skorodumov pp. 1079-1086 Full Text: PDF (292 kB) Jpi = 0– Levels in 156Gd and 158Gd E. P. Grigoriev pp. 1087-1095 Full Text: PDF (216 kB) Cold-Neutron Storage Owing to Diffusion Reflection S. S. Arzumanov, L. N. Bondarenko, P. Geltenbort, V. I. Morozov, and Yu. N. Panin pp. 1096-1100 Full Text: PDF (215 kB) Analysis of the Phase Tunneling Time for Cold Neutrons through a Neutron Interference Filter A. K. Zaichenko and V. S. Olkhovsky pp. 1101-1103 Full Text: PDF (106 kB) Dynamic Reflection and Refraction of Neutrons at the Boundaries of Matter Characterized by a Variable Magnetic Induction A. V. Kozlov and A. I. Frank pp. 1104-1119 Full Text: PDF (311 kB) Theory Puzzle of the 6Li Quadrupole Moment: Steps toward Solving It L. D. Blokhintsev, V. I. Kukulin, and V. N. Pomerantsev pp. 1120-1132 Full Text: PDF (295 kB) Magic Numbers of Ultraheavy Nuclei V. Yu. Denisov pp. 1133-1137 Full Text: PDF (230 kB) Effect of Synchrotron Radiation on Nuclear Beta Decay I. V. Kopytin and K. N. Karelin pp. 1138-1146 Full Text: PDF (242 kB) Nature of Coulomb Shifts of Nuclear Scattering Resonances N. Zh. Takibayev pp. 1147-1152 Full Text: PDF (152 kB) The Examination of the 12C + 24Mg Elastic Scattering around the Coulomb Barrier I. Boztosun, Y. Dagdemir, and O. Bayrak pp. 1153-1159 Full Text: PDF (227 kB) ELEMENTARY PARTICLES AND FIELDS Experiment A Study of the Nuclear-Medium Influence on Transverse Momentum of Hadrons Produced in Deep-Inelastic Neutrino Scattering N. M. Agababyan, V. V. Ammosov, M. Atayan, N. Grigoryan, H. Gulkanyan, A. A. Ivanilov, Zh. Karamyan, and V. A. Korotkov pp. 1160-1170 Full Text: PDF (303 kB) Backscattered Flux Generated by Protons with Energy above 1 TeV in a Lead Absorber D. M. Podorozhnyi, I. D. Rapoport, and A. N. Turundaevsky pp. 1171-1175 Full Text: PDF (141 kB) Albedo in the ATIC Experiment: Measurements and Simulations N. V. Sokolskaya, J. H. Adams, Jr., H. S. Ahn, K. E. Batkov, G. L. Bashindzhagyan, J. Z. Wang, J. P. Wefel, J. Wu, O. Ganel, T. G. Guzik, R. M. Gunasingha, V. I. Zatsepin, J. Isbert, K. C. Kim, M. Christl, E. N. Kouznetsov, M. I. Panasyuk, A. D. Panov, E. S. Seo, A. R. Fazely, J. Chang, and W. K. H. Schmidt pp. 1176-1182 Full Text: PDF (199 kB) Theory Some Features of the Production of Heavy-Quark-Containing Baryons in Electron-Positron Collisions S. P. Baranov and V. L. Slad pp. 1183-1189 Full Text: PDF (237 kB) Is It Still Interesting to Search for Lepton-Flavor Violation in Rare Kaon Decays? L. G. Landsberg pp. 1190-1210 Full Text: PDF (388 kB) Pion Electromagnetic Form Factor in QCD Sum Rules V. V. Braguta and A. I. Onishchenko pp. 1211-1217 Full Text: PDF (167 kB) On the Stability of a Self-Similar Spherical Bubble of a Scalar Higgs Field in de Sitter Space N. A. Voronov, A. L. Dyshko, and N. B. Konyukhova pp. 1218-1226 Full Text: PDF (226 kB) Quasilinearization Method: Nonperturbative Approach to Physical Problems V. B. Mandelzweig pp. 1227-1258 Full Text: PDF (505 kB) LETTERS TO THE EDITOR Quadrupole Moments and Transition Probabilities B(E2) for Light Nuclei in the Orthogonal-Scheme Basis with Symmetric Representations of the O(A – 1) Group K. J. Yankauskas and A. K. Petrauskas pp. 1259-1260 Full Text: PDF (92 kB) FUTURE PUBLICATIONS Future Publications pp. 1261-1262 Full Text: PDF (74 kB)en
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dc.publisherMAIK “Nauka/Interperiodica”.en
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dc.subjectPhysics of Atomic Nucleien
dc.titlePhysics of Atomic Nuclei V. 68, I. 07en

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