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dc.descriptionPhysics of Atomic Nuclei -- July 2002 Volume 65, Issue 7, pp. 1153-1375 90th ANNIVERSARY OF I.I. GUREVICH'S BIRTHDAY Isai Isidorovich Gurevich (July 13, 1912–December 6, 1992) pp. 1153-1154 Full Text: PDF (266 kB) Pion, Pion–Pion, and Pion–Nucleus Interactions K. N. Mukhin, O. O. Patarakin, and V. N. Tikhonov pp. 1155-1172 Full Text: PDF (366 kB) Investigation of Neutrino Properties in Experiments at Nuclear Reactors: Present Status and Prospects L. A. Mikaelyan pp. 1173-1187 Full Text: PDF (481 kB) Nuclear Physics and Ideas of Quantum Chaos V. G. Zelevinsky pp. 1188-1197 Full Text: PDF (167 kB) Superfluid-to-Normal Phase Transition and Extreme Regularity of Superdeformed Bands I. M. Pavlichenkov pp. 1198-1218 Full Text: PDF (368 kB) Neutrino-Induced Deuteron Disintegration in an Experiment at the Krasnoyarsk Nuclear Reactor Yu. V. Kozlov, S. V. Khaltourtsev, I. N. Machulin, A. V. Martemyanov, V. P. Martemyanov, A. A. Sabelnikov, V. G. Tarasenkov, E. V. Turbin, and V. N. Vyrodov pp. 1219-1221 Full Text: PDF (105 kB) Measurement of the Cross Section for the Process e+e– --> K0LK0S in the Energy Region 2E = 1.05–1.38 GeV with the CMD-2 Detector at VEPP-2M E. V. Anashkin, V. M. Aulchenko, R. R. Akhmetshin, V. Sh. Banzarov, L. M. Barkov, S. E. Baru, N. S. Bashtovoy, D. V. Bondarev, A. E. Bondar, A. V. Bragin, N. I. Gabyshev, D. A. Gorbachev, A. A. Grebeniuk, D. N. Grigoriev, S. K. Dhawan, S. G. Zverev, F. V. Ignatov, V. F. Kazanin, S. V. Karpov, I. A. Koop, P. P. Krokovny, A. S. Kuzmin, L. M. Kurdadze, I. B. Logashenko, P. A. Lukin, A. P. Lysenko, K. Yu. Mikhailov, I. N. Nesterenko, V. S. Okhapkin, A. A. Polunin, A. S. Popov, B. L. Roberts, N. I. Root, A. A. Ruban, N. M. Ryskulov, A. L. Sibidanov, V. A. Sidorov, A. N. Skrinsky, V. P. Smakhtin, I. G. Snopkov, E. P. Solodov, P. Yu. Stepanov, A. I. Sukhanov, J. A. Thompson, G. V. Fedotovich, B. I. Khazin, W. V. Hughes, D. V. Chernyak, A. G. Shamov, Yu. M. Shatunov, B. A. Shwartz, S. I. Eidelman, and Yu. V. Yudin pp. 1222-1227 Full Text: PDF (301 kB) Neutron-Spin Dynamics in Elastic Scattering on Lead V. V. Vasiliev pp. 1228-1235 Full Text: PDF (163 kB) Special Features of the Radiative Capture of Ultracold Neutrons by Thin and Thick Layers of Matter T. Ya. Tudorovskiy and A. L. Barabanov pp. 1236-1242 Full Text: PDF (140 kB) Local-Potential Approximation for the Brueckner G Matrix and Problem of Optimally Choosing Model Subspace M. Baldo, U. Lombardo, E. E. Saperstein, and M. V. Zverev pp. 1243-1258 Full Text: PDF (294 kB) Nonthermal Radiation from Black Holes I. B. Khriplovich pp. 1259-1270 Full Text: PDF (215 kB) Some Odd Bits for I.I. Gurevich's Biography A. I. Gurevich pp. 1271-1272 Full Text: PDF (49 kB) Toward I.I. Gurevich's Psychological Portrait M. I. Gurevich pp. 1273-1274 Full Text: PDF (49 kB) Uncle Sanya L. B. Okun p. 1275 Full Text: PDF (45 kB) NUCLEI Rate of Germanium-Isotope Production by Background Processes in the SAGE Experiment V. N. Gavrin, V. V. Gorbachev, T. V. Ibragimova, and B. T. Cleveland pp. 1276-1281 Full Text: PDF (188 kB) Manifestations of a Dineutron Cluster in Elastic alpha6He Scattering L. I. Galanina and N. S. Zelenskaya pp. 1282-1287 Full Text: PDF (159 kB) Description of Elastic Heavy-Ion Scattering within the Glauber–Sitenko Approach V. K. Lukyanov, V. P. Permyakov, and Yu. V. Chubov pp. 1288-1301 Full Text: PDF (277 kB) ELEMENTARY PARTICLES AND FIELDS Search for Axions Emitted in Nuclear Magnetic Transitions A. V. Derbin, A. I. Egorov, I. A. Mitropolsky, V. N. Muratova, S. V. Bakhlanov, and L. M. Tukhkonen pp. 1302-1306 Full Text: PDF (146 kB) Search for Dibaryon Production in 4Hep Interactions at Intermediate Energies A. V. Blinov, V. F. Turov, and M. V. Chadeyeva pp. 1307-1312 Full Text: PDF (148 kB) Zenith-Angle Dependences of rhos, 600 and rhoµ, 600 in Giant Air Showers A. V. Glushkov, M. I. Pravdin, I. E. Sleptsov, V. R. Sleptsova, and N. N. Kalmykov pp. 1313-1318 Full Text: PDF (165 kB) Running Electromagnetic-Coupling Constant: Low-Energy Normalization and the Value at MZ A. A. Pivovarov pp. 1319-1340 Full Text: PDF (337 kB) LHC (CMS) Discovery Potential for Models with Effective Supersymmetry and Nonuniversal Gaugino Masses S. I. Bityukov and N. V. Krasnikov pp. 1341-1351 Full Text: PDF (201 kB) Polarization Effects in Proton–Proton Collisions R. Kh. Muradov, A. I. Akhmedov, and R. M. Burdjaliev pp. 1352-1358 Full Text: PDF (162 kB) On the Kinematics of (e,e[prime]p) Reactions S. V. Dementiy pp. 1359-1369 Full Text: PDF (247 kB) KEY PROBLEMS IN FUNDAMENTAL PHYSICS On the Article of G. Gamow, D. Ivanenko, and L. Landau "World Constants and Limiting Transition" L. B. Okun pp. 1370-1372 Full Text: PDF (89 kB) World Constants and Limiting Transition G. Gamow, D. Ivanenko, and L. Landau pp. 1373-1375 Full Text: PDF (78 kB)en
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dc.publisherMAIK “Nauka/Interperiodica”.en
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dc.subjectPhysics of Atomic Nucleien
dc.titlePhysics of Atomic Nuclei V. 65, I. 07en

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