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dc.descriptionJournal of Experimental and Theoretical Physics -- May 2002 Volume 94, Issue 5, pp. 853-1042 GRAVITATION, ASTROPHYSICS Fermionic Microstates within the Painlevé–Gullstrand Black Hole P. Huhtala and G. E. Volovik pp. 853-861 Full Text: PDF (97 kB) NUCLEI, PARTICLES, AND THEIR INTERACTION Determination of the Radiation Cross Sections of Low-Energy Transitions of Isomeric Nuclei from Observation of Laser-Induced gamma Fluorescence A. A. Andreev, A. K. Van'kov, K. Yu. Platonov, Yu. V. Rozhdestvenskii, S. P. Chizhov, and V. E. Yashin pp. 862-868 Full Text: PDF (86 kB) ATOMS, SPECTRA, RADIATION Amplification of Extremely Short Pulses in Optical Media A. A. Zabolotskii pp. 869-881 Full Text: PDF (156 kB) On a Physical Implementation of Logical Operators NOT and CNOT in a Two-Qubit Quantum Computer Controlled by Ultrashort Optical Pulses O. N. Gadomsky and Yu. Yu. Voronov pp. 882-891 Full Text: PDF (119 kB) The Theory of Optical Communication Lines with a Short-Scale Dispersion Management S. B. Medvedev, E. G. Shapiro, M. P. Fedoruk, and E. G. Turitsyna pp. 892-900 Full Text: PDF (185 kB) Polarization Effects in Nanoaggregates of Silver Caused by Local and Nonlocal Nonlinear-Optical Responses V. P. Drachev, S. V. Perminov, S. G. Rautian, V. P. Safonov, and É. N. Khaliullin pp. 901-915 Full Text: PDF (177 kB) Electromagnetically Induced Transparency in Degenerate Two-Level Systems I. V. Zelensky and V. A. Mironov pp. 916-926 Full Text: PDF (192 kB) PLASMA, GASES Collective Plasma Corrections to Thermonuclear Reaction Rates in Dense Plasmas V. N. Tsytovich pp. 927-942 Full Text: PDF (171 kB) A Dense Hydrogen Plasma Modeled by the Path Integral–Monte Carlo Method S. V. Shevkunov pp. 943-965 Full Text: PDF (252 kB) X-ray Spectroscopy Diagnostic of a Plasma Produced by Femtosecond Laser Pulses Irradiating a Cluster Target I. Yu. Skobelev, A. Ya. Faenov, A. I. Magunov, T. A. Pikuz, A. S. Boldarev, V. A. Gasilov, J. Abdallach, Jr, G. C. Junkel-Vives[dagger], T. Auguste, S. Dobosz, P. d'Oliveira, S. Hulin, P. Monot, F. Blasco, F. Dorchies, T. Caillaud, C. Bonte, C. Stenz, F. Salin, P. A. Loboda, I. A. Litvinenko, V. V. Popova, G. V. Baidin, and B. Yu. Sharkov pp. 966-976 Full Text: PDF (247 kB) SOLIDS Structure Lattice Dynamics and Hydrostatic-Pressure-Induced Phase Transitions in ScF3 K. S. Aleksandrov, V. N. Voronov, A. N. Vtyurin, S. V. Goryainov, N. G. Zamkova, V. I. Zinenko, and A. S. Krylov pp. 977-984 Full Text: PDF (184 kB) Phase Diagram of Multilayer Magnetic Structures V. D. Levchenko, A. I. Morozov, and A. S. Sigov pp. 985-991 Full Text: PDF (165 kB) Electronic Properties Interference of Quantum States in Electronic Waveguides with Impurities C. S. Kim, O. N. Roznova, A. M. Satanin, and V. B. Stenberg pp. 992-1007 Full Text: PDF (186 kB) The Effective Conductivity of Two-Phase Two-Dimensional Media as a Function of the Geometric Parameters of the Medium V. E. Arkhincheev pp. 1008-1012 Full Text: PDF (54 kB) Superposition Structure of Crystal Field Spectra in High-Tc Superconductors: Overdoped Regime N. O. Golosova, V. I. Bobrovskii, É. B. Mitberg, A. A. Podlesnyak, I. L. Zhdakhin, and A. V. Mirmelstein pp. 1013-1025 Full Text: PDF (183 kB) The Theory of Shot Noise in the Space-Charge-Limited Diffusive Conduction Regime V. L. Gurevich and M. I. Muradov pp. 1026-1034 Full Text: PDF (101 kB) Galvanomagnetic Phenomena in Organic Layered Conductors V. G. Peschanskii pp. 1035-1042 Full Text: PDF (92 kB)en
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dc.publisherMAIK “Nauka/Interperiodica”.en
dc.relation.ispartofseriesV. 94en
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dc.subjectJournal of Experimental and Theoretical Physicsen
dc.titleJournal of Experimental and Theoretical Physics V. 94, I. 05en

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