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dc.descriptionJournal of Experimental and Theoretical Physics -- July 1998 Volume 87, Issue 1, pp. 1-209 Pure nuclear resonant scattering of synchrotron radiation by a multilayer structure: theoretical analysis for 169Tm V. G. Kon, A. I. Chumakov, and R. Rüffer Full Text: PDF (233 kB) Dynamics of cold atoms in a quadrupole magnetic trap with an orbiting potential V. G. Minogin, M. V. Subbotin, and P. N. Melent'ev Full Text: PDF (199 kB) The Ulam problem and the ionization of Rydberg atoms by microwave radiation A. S. Roshchupkin and V. P. Krainov Full Text: PDF (94 kB) Symmetries and causes of the coincidence of the emission spectra of mirrors and charges in 1 + 1 and 3 + 1 spaces V. I. Ritus Full Text: PDF (229 kB) Hund's Case (a)-case (b) transition in the singlet–triplet absorption spectrum of pyrazine in a supersonic jet E. S. Medvedev and D. W. Pratt Full Text: PDF (514 kB) Radiation of a charged particle in a random stack of plates Zh. S. Gevorkian Full Text: PDF (131 kB) l mixing and dissociation of Rydberg molecules accompanying slow collisions with inert-gas atoms G. V. Golubkov, G. K. Ivanov, E. M. Balashov, and M. G. Golubkov Full Text: PDF (174 kB) Photoprocesses on a surface of nanoporous quartz under resonant laser radiation Yu. A. Bykovskii, G. E. Kotkovskii, M. B. Kuznetsov, A. A. Chistyakov, and E. N. Lopukhina Full Text: PDF (108 kB) Tensor structure of the stationary point of the radiative relaxation operator of an atom A. V. Taichenachev, A. M. Tumaikin, V. I. Yudin, and G. Nienhuis Full Text: PDF (159 kB) Formation mechanisms and structure of the luminescence spectra of a dense resonant medium Yu. K. Zemtsov, A. Yu. Sechin, A. N. Starostin, A. G. Leonov, A. A. Rudenko, and D. I. Chekhov Full Text: PDF (292 kB) Compression and heating of spherical fusion targets by indirect (x-ray) drive on the Iskra-5 facility F. M. Abzaev, C. A. Bel'kov, A. V. Bessarab, S. V. Bondarenko, A. V. Veselov, V. A. Gaidash, G. V. Dolgoleva, N. V. Zhidkov, V. M. Izgorodin, G. A. Kirillov, G. G. Kochemasov, D. N. Litvin, E. I. Mitrofanov, V. M. Murugov, L. S. Mkhitar'yan, S. I. Petrov, A. V. Pinegin, V. T. Punin, A. V. Senik, and N. A. Suslov Full Text: PDF (426 kB) The role of helicity in turbulent MHD flows E. Golbraikh, O. G. Chkhetiani, and S. S. Moiseev Full Text: PDF (154 kB) Fluctuational spatial dispersion in achiral liquid crystals M. V. Gorkunov and M. I. Ryazanov Full Text: PDF (135 kB) Reduction in the rate of phonon scattering by a spatially correlated system of iron ions and low-temperature "anomaly" of the thermoelectric phenomena in HgSe:Fe crystals I. G. Kuleev, A. T. Lonchakov, I. Yu. Arapova, and G. I. Kuleev Full Text: PDF (218 kB) Phase transitions in self-assembled monolayers of alkanethiols containing the polar group Y. V. Sukhinin Full Text: PDF (204 kB) Multiwell potentials of endohedral complexes of icosahedral symmetry A. B. Roitsin, A. A. Klimov, and L. V. Artamonov Full Text: PDF (216 kB) Roughening of a Si(100) surface induced by the adsorption of oxygen near the solid-oxide nucleation threshold V. D. Borman, Yu. Yu. Lebedinskii, and V. I. Troyan Full Text: PDF (514 kB) Magnetoelectric effect and toroidal ordering in Ga2 – xFexO3 Yu. F. Popov, A. M. Kadomtseva, G. P. Vorob'ev, V. A. Timofeeva, D. M. Ustinin, A. K. Zvezdin, and M. M. Tegeranchi Full Text: PDF (142 kB) Critical state of a thin superconducting plate in an inclined magnetic field A. A. Zhukov, N. A. Joukov, M. G. Mikheev, G. K. Perkins, A. D. Caplin, and Yu. V. Bugoslavsky Full Text: PDF (188 kB) Crystal-field effects in the intermediate-valence compound YbCu2Si2 A. Yu. Muzychka Full Text: PDF (224 kB) Influence of the degree of disorder of amorphous solids on the intensity of light scattering by acoustic phonons N. N. Ovsyuk and V. N. Novikov Full Text: PDF (84 kB) High-frequency modulation of current in tunnel-coupled quantum wells by transverse radiation in the terahertz range F. T. Vas'ko Full Text: PDF (181 kB) Microscopic calculations of ferroelectric instability in perovskite crystals O. V. Ivanov, D. A. Shport, and E. G. Maksimov Full Text: PDF (232 kB) Exciton magnetotransport in two-dimensional systems: weak-localization effects P. I. Arseev and A. B. Dzyubenko Full Text: PDF (227 kB)en
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dc.titleJournal of Experimental and Theoretical Physics V. 87, I. 01en

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