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  • Authentic interactive presentations in a graduate education research class 

    Ayotte, Alison; Duncan, Beth; Fasulo, Jennifer; Hahn, Carri; Hudson, Shae; Hunt, Taylor; Irizarry, Natasha; Masucci, Samantha; Perry, Austin; Schlegel, Timothy; Searle, Tracy; Searles-Fairey, Sheila; Rule, Audrey C.; Segar, Caitlin; Springer, Rebecca; Stilwell, Sabrina; Thibado, Nichole; Walls, Melissa; Wolowik, Heather; Wooding, Aimee (2006-08)
    A content analysis of nineteen interactive final presentations by graduate students in an education research class highlights effective models for others wanting to implement authentic learning activities as culminating ...
  • Preservice Elementary Teachers’ Reflective Insights from Teaching Mathematics during an Authentic Early Practicum Experience 

    Rule, Audrey C.; Arthur, Scott C.; Dunham, Eric; Miller, Ryan; Stoker, Jonn; Thibado, Nichole (2007-06)
    This content analysis examined 1,710 statements made in post-lesson reflections of elementary education preservice teachers (N=120) after their first and second unassisted lessons during an early practicum experience that ...