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    • Rice Creek Field Station Bulletin No. 6: Guidelines for Environmental Management at Rice Creek Field Station 

      Weeks, John; Cox, Donald (2011-07-06)
      Planning for Rice Creek Field Station began in 1962 and the station began operating in 1966. At that time much of the land that comprised field station grounds was in hayfields and very young evergreen plantations. Since ...
    • Rice Creek Field Station Special Publication No. 2: Natural Areas of Oswego County 

      Weeks, John; Cox, Donald; Hawkins, Ed; Solosky, Mike; Hunsinger, Todd (2011-07-06)
      Foremost among the goals of Rice Creek Field Station is the promotion of environmental awareness. This has been a theme in college courses, school programs, summer courses for children, and programs for the public offered ...
    • Rice Creek Research Reports, 1997 

      Weber, Nicholas; Weber, Peter; Nelson, Andrew; Weeks, John; Chepko-Sade, Diane; Frank, Jennifer (2011-06-06)
      Contains the Following Research Reports: Butterfly Populations at Rice Creek Field Station: The 1997 Season; Survey of the Amphibian and Earthworm Species at Rice Creek Field Station; Flora of Rice Creek Field Station; ...