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    • Great Lake Review Fall 1983 Volume 17 

      Patti Burgmeier; Lorraine M. Goldych; R. C. Manley; Carmel V. Cerullo; Beth Anesko; Todd Sorensen; Chris Williams; Tom Esposito; Paul Thomas; J. F. Smith; Diane Stilwell; Walter Plaisted; Nathan Holt; Thomas Prestopnik; Carol Shiffer; Steven P. Cornish; Nanette L. Crandall; Maxine S. Peery; Alex LeCerda; Kurt Knight; Karen Scherberger; William DeForest; Jennifer Siani; Susan Daggett; Pam Griesmer; F. Rocco Clark Bey; Diane Vacchiano; William Penn, advisor; Lewis Turco, advisor (2010-11-27)
      Great Lake Review is SUNY Oswego's student-edited literary and art magazine. Great Lake Review is published, in general, every semester, and contains primarily student art work, poetry, fiction, and other literary works.