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dc.descriptionDoklady Physics -- January 2002 Volume 47, Issue 1, pp. 1-94 PHYSICS Observation of the Initial Stage in the Development of an Avalanche of Relativistic Runaway Electrons under Normal Atmospheric Conditions L. P. Babich, E. N. Donskoy, K. F. Zelenskii, R. I. Il'kaev, I. M. Kutsyk, T. V. Loiko, and R. A. Roussel-Dupré pp. 1-4 Full Text: PDF (46 kB) A Mathematical Model for the Formation of Inhomogeneous Structures in Thermally Oxidized Silicon Layers G. Ya. Krasnikov, N. A. Zaitsev, and I. V. Matyushkin pp. 5-8 Full Text: PDF (58 kB) Dispersion Equations for Guided Modes of a Multilayer Elliptic Fiber Optic Waveguide V. I. Krivenkov pp. 9-11 Full Text: PDF (41 kB) On a Mechanism Providing an Increase in Oil Recovery from Strata L. A. Nazarov, L. A. Nazarova, A. N. Ryashentsev, N. P. Ryashentsev[dagger], and V. M. Fomin pp. 12-15 Full Text: PDF (185 kB) Characteristic Temperature and Polymorphism of Ca, Ti, Fe, Co, Zr, Sn, and La in the Debye Approximation N. N. Sirota pp. 16-20 Full Text: PDF (65 kB) Plasma-Dust Structures at Cryogenic Temperatures V. E. Fortov, L. M. Vasilyak, S. P. Vetchinin, V. S. Zimnukhov, A. P. Nefedov[dagger], and D. N. Polyakov pp. 21-24 Full Text: PDF (105 kB) Unsteady Viscous Fluid Flow between Rotating Parallel Walls with Allowance for Thermal Slip along One of Them Yu. I. Yalamov and A. A. Gurchenkov pp. 25-28 Full Text: PDF (57 kB) Gas-Bubble Dynamics under Excitation by Compression and Rarefaction Pulses in a Liquid A. A. Aganin and M. A. Il'gamov pp. 29-33 Full Text: PDF (68 kB) Excitation of Singly Charged Yttrium Ions in Electron–Atom Collisions Yu. M. Smirnov pp. 34-38 Full Text: PDF (59 kB) Electrokinetic and Magnetic Properties of Cubic Titanium Monoxide with a Double-Defect Structure A. A. Valeeva, A. A. Rempel', and A. I. Gusev pp. 39-43 Full Text: PDF (98 kB) Thermooptical Excitation of Plate Vibration by Modulated Radiation of an Unstable-Cavity Laser M. L. Lyamshev pp. 44-46 Full Text: PDF (45 kB) TECHNICAL PHYSICS Stratification of Solid Solution in the Field of Residual Stresses N. M. Vlasov and I. I. Fedik pp. 47-50 Full Text: PDF (52 kB) New Synthesized Windows V. F. Kravchenko pp. 51-60 Full Text: PDF (118 kB) Method of Almost Complete Operator Inversion in the Theory of Connected Strip–Slotted Transmission Lines A. S. Aref'ev, V. A. Neganov, and E. I. Nefedov pp. 61-63 Full Text: PDF (47 kB) Physical Nature of the Effects of Thermomagnetic and Thermomechanical Treatment of Ferromagnets V. V. Gubernatorov and T. S. Sycheva pp. 64-66 Full Text: PDF (34 kB) Mechanism of Deformation and Nucleation of Fatigue Cracks in Aluminum Polycrystals under Alternating Bending V. E. Panin, T. F. Elsukova, and G. V. Angelova pp. 67-71 Full Text: PDF (525 kB) Fracture of a Composite Material Based on a Uniformly Deformable Polymeric Matrix and Rubber Particles O. A. Serenko, V. S. Avinkin, and S. L. Bazhenov pp. 72-73 Full Text: PDF (26 kB) MECHANICS General Solutions to the Nonlinear Static Problem for Elastic Shells L. M. Zubov pp. 74-77 Full Text: PDF (61 kB) Motion of the Earth's Pole L. D. Akulenko, S. A. Kumakshev, and Yu. G. Markov pp. 78-84 Full Text: PDF (126 kB) Quantum Nature and Dual Character of Fracture Dynamics in Solids N. F. Morozov and Yu. V. Petrov pp. 85-88 Full Text: PDF (43 kB) Cavities and Flow Nonuniqueness behind a Sill in an Open Channel V. I. Bukreev and A. V. Gusev pp. 89-91 Full Text: PDF (238 kB) On the Theory of Spatial Averaging in Heterogeneous-Continuum Mechanics V. P. Bushlanov and I. V. Bushlanov pp. 92-94 Full Text: PDF (53 kB)en
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dc.publisherMAIK “Nauka/Interperiodica”.en
dc.relation.ispartofseriesV. 47en
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dc.subjectDoklady Physicsen
dc.titleDoklady Physics V.47, I.01en

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