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dc.descriptionAstronomy Reports -- August 2003 Volume 47, Issue 8, pp. 621-708 Light Curve Interpretation for "Quiescent" X- ray Novae in a Model with Noncollisional Interaction Between the Flow and Disk. The System GU Mus = GRS 1124–68 T. S. Khruzina, A. M. Cherepashchuk, D. V. Bisikalo, A. A. Boyarchuk, and O. A. Kuznetsov pp. 621-636 Full Text: PDF (611 kB) Gamma-Ray Bursts—Tracers of the History of Star Formation in the Universe A. V. Tutukov pp. 637-647 Full Text: PDF (212 kB) Studies of Classical Barium Stars L. I. Antipova, A. A. Boyarchuk, Yu V. Pakhomov, and V. E. Panchuk pp. 648-659 Full Text: PDF (237 kB) Simultaneous Dual-Frequency Observations of Giant Radio Pulses from the Millisecond Pulsar B1937+21 M. V. Popov and B. Stappers pp. 660-669 Full Text: PDF (201 kB) Analysis of the Noise Background of the "ULITKA" Gravitational Antenna A. V. Gusev, V. N. Rudenko, and A. V. Serdobol'skii pp. 670-678 Full Text: PDF (258 kB) The Lower Temperature Limit of Accretors M. K. Abubekerov and V. M. Lipunov pp. 679-684 Full Text: PDF (125 kB) Equation of State for the Internal Structure of Solar-Type Stars V. A. Baturin and W. Däppen pp. 685-693 Full Text: PDF (204 kB) MHD Simulations of Current-Sheet Formation over a Bipolar Active Region I. M. Podgorny and A. I. Podgorny pp. 694-700 Full Text: PDF (346 kB) Electron Acceleration in the Ionosphere of Io V. V. Zaitsev, V. E. Shaposhnikov, and H. O. Rucker pp. 701-708 Full Text: PDF (200 kB)en
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dc.publisherMAIK “Nauka/Interperiodica”.en
dc.relation.ispartofseriesV. 47en
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dc.subjectAstronomy Reportsen
dc.titleAstronomy Reports V. 47, I. 08en

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