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dc.descriptionAstronomy Reports -- April 2003 Volume 47, Issue 4, pp. 263-353 The Subsystem of Open Clusters in the Post-Hipparcos Era: Cluster Structural Parameters and Proper Motions N. V. Kharchenko, L. K. Pakulyak, and A. E. Piskunov pp. 263-275 Full Text: PDF (506 kB) Study of the Star-Forming Region L379 IRS3 in CH3OH and CS V. G. Promyslov, G. M. Larionov, and S. V. Kalenskii pp. 276-287 Full Text: PDF (511 kB) Strömgren Zones of Type II Supernovae A. V. Pynzar' and V. I. Shishov pp. 288-300 Full Text: PDF (308 kB) Photometric and Polarimetric Activity of the Herbig Ae Star VX Cas D. N. Shakhovskoi, A. N. Rostopchina, V. P. Grinin, and N. Kh. Minikulov pp. 301-311 Full Text: PDF (367 kB) Modeling of Emission Spectra of the Flaring Red Dwarf EV Lac: Active Regions, Flares, and Microflares I. Yu. Alekseev, É. A. Baranovskii, R. E. Gershberg, I. V. Il'in, B. P. Pettersen, D. N. Shakhovskoi, and M. Jablonsky pp. 312-325 Full Text: PDF (431 kB) Triplet Spectra of H2O Masers and Protoplanetary Disks E. E. Lekht and A. M. S. Richards pp. 326-332 Full Text: PDF (270 kB) Meridional Drift of Large-Scale Solar Magnetic Fields V. N. Obridko and B. D. Shelting pp. 333-342 Full Text: PDF (265 kB) A Charge-consistent Model for the Acceleration of Iron in the Solar Corona: Nonisothermal Injection M. F. Stovpyuk and V. M. Ostryakov pp. 343-353 Full Text: PDF (258 kB)en
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dc.publisherMAIK “Nauka/Interperiodica”.en
dc.relation.ispartofseriesV. 47en
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dc.subjectAstronomy Reportsen
dc.titleAstronomy Reports V. 47, I. 04en

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