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dc.descriptionAstronomy Reports -- November 2002 Volume 46, Issue 11, pp. 867-954 The Nature of Active Radio Galaxies in the Cluster A569 A. A. Lipovka and N. M. Lipovka pp. 867-870 Full Text: PDF (131 kB) Modeling the Generation of the Magnetic Field in NGC 5775 D. D. Sokoloff pp. 871-873 Full Text: PDF (116 kB) Chemical Composition of Stars in the Galactic Halo S. V. Ermakov, V. G. Klochkova, V. E. Panchuk, and G. Zhao pp. 874-886 Full Text: PDF (294 kB) Stellar Fluxes in Numerical Dynamical Models of Open Clusters V. M. Danilov pp. 887-899 Full Text: PDF (352 kB) Analysis of Brightness Variations in the Massive Close Binary System UU Cassiopeia T. S. Polushina pp. 900-907 Full Text: PDF (245 kB) Gamma-ray Bursts as a Result of the Interaction of a Shock from a Supernova and a Neutron-Star Companion Ya. N. Istomin and B. V. Komberg pp. 908-917 Full Text: PDF (212 kB) A Spectropolarimetric Study of Ellerman Bombs L. K. Kashapova pp. 918-924 Full Text: PDF (294 kB) The Effect of Acoustic Waves on Spectral-Line Profiles in the Solar Atmosphere: Observations and Theory R. I. Kostyk and E. V. Khomenko pp. 925-931 Full Text: PDF (291 kB) Triple Encounters in the Linear Three-Body Problem with Equal Masses V. V. Orlov, A. V. Petrova, and A. I. Martynova pp. 932-941 Full Text: PDF (567 kB) Dynamical Evolution of Multiple Stars A. V. Rubinov, A. V. Petrova, and V. V. Orlov pp. 942-954 Full Text: PDF (276 kB)en
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dc.publisherMAIK “Nauka/Interperiodica”.en
dc.relation.ispartofseriesV. 46en
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dc.subjectAstronomy Reportsen
dc.titleAstronomy Reports V. 46, I. 11en

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