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dc.descriptionAstronomy Letters -- February 2004 Volume 30, Issue 2, pp. 65-137 Type-Ia Supernovae in Dense Circumstellar Gas N. N. Chugai and L. R. Yungelson pp. 65-72 Full Text: PDF (245 kB) Type-Ia Supernovae in Semidetached Binaries A. V. Fedorova, A. V. Tutukov, and L. R. Yungelson pp. 73-85 Full Text: PDF (309 kB) Type-I X-ray Bursts from Voids: Tracers of Weakly Accreting Bursters? V. A. Arefiev and N. L. Aleksandrovich pp. 86-94 Full Text: PDF (244 kB) Polarization Observations of Giant Radio Pulses from the Millisecond Pulsar B1937+21 at a Frequency of 600 MHz M. V. Popov, V. A. Soglasnov, V. I. Kondrat'ev, and S. V. Kostyuk pp. 95-99 Full Text: PDF (203 kB) Evolution of the Structure of the H2O Supermaser Outburst Region in Orion KL L. I. Matveyenko, K. M. Zhakharin, P. J. Diamond, and D. A. Gram pp. 100-116 Full Text: PDF (445 kB) Pre- and Post-Outburst Parameters for the Components of the Symbiotic Star V1329 Cyg V. P. Arkhipova and N. P. Ikonnikova pp. 117-123 Full Text: PDF (243 kB) Three-Dimensional Numerical Simulation of a Nonstationary Gravitating N-Body System with Gas V. N. Snytnikov, V. A. Vshivkov, E. A. Kuksheva, E. V. Neupokoev, S. A. Nikitin, and A. V. Snytnikov pp. 124-137 Full Text: PDF (473 kB)en
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dc.publisherMAIK “Nauka/Interperiodica”.en
dc.relation.ispartofseriesV. 30en
dc.relation.ispartofseriesI. 02en
dc.subjectAstronomy Lettersen
dc.titleAstronomy Letters, V. 30, I. 02en

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