The Fashion Institute of Technology prepares students for professional excellence in design, fashion, and business by providing the premier educational experience that fosters creativity, career focus, and a global perspective.

To fulfill its mission:

  • FIT develops students’ aesthetic, intellectual, analytical, and technological abilities through programs that integrate theory and practice.
  • FIT offers students a rigorous and innovative curriculum taught by faculty with outstanding academic and industry experience.
  • FIT is committed to a broad-based education in the liberal arts.
  • FIT exposes students to their chosen professions through internships, guest lectures, industry-sponsored projects, and other opportunities for experiential learning.
  • FIT promotes student growth and self-development through student support services, programs, and activities.
  • FIT provides students with a multifaceted educational experience, which incorporates the vast resources of New York City.
  • FIT, an urban institution of the State University of New York, provides an education of exceptional quality and affordability.

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Recent Submissions

  • New Epicenters of Luxury 

    Reedman, Thomas; Zavolas, Jessica; Haffer, Lauren; Lawless, Nola; Raus, Amanda; Spencer, Amanda (Fashion Institute of Technology, 2015)
    The rise of consumer spending power in emerging markets and the renewed opportunity for luxury brands in mature markets will continue redrawing the traditional map of global luxury production and consumption. The mere scale ...
  • New Luxury Platforms 

    Bopp, Amanda; Ball, Rachel; Conlon, Julie; De Boer, Hannah; Hendershot, Juliana; Lucki, Sonya; Malhotra, Priyanka; Velazquez, Catherine (Fashion Institute of Technology, 2015)
    The notion of retail is changing for luxury, as quickly as the epicenters of luxury and consumer values. Today, e-commerce outpaces brick and mortar five to one. Further, consumer priorities are shifting towards experience ...
  • New Luxury Consumer Values 

    Moran, Corey; Burdine, Brooke; Cho, Winnie; Levis, Kristen; Marx, Laney; Navia, Alyssa; Vouard, Pierre; Talabucon, Mila (Fashion Institute of Technology, 2015)
    Consumers desire luxury products and services that deliver memorable experiences, and interactions that are more personal, authentic, and expand beyond simply the desire for luxury goods and services. There is a new sense ...
  • BCG FIT Global Luxury Customer Survey 

    Willersdorf, Sarah; Bopp, Amanda; Marx, Laney (Fashion Institute of Technology, 2015)
    The Class of 2015 partnered with Boston Consulting Group (BCG) on designing a Consumer Survey that assesses emerging luxury consumer values, which was fielded by BCG with panels of 1,000 luxury consumers in each of three ...
  • 2010 ARTSpeak Lecture: Nayland Blake 

    Unknown author (2012-03-13)