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    • Educational Change, Spring 1995 

      Roda, Anthony, ed.; Bauer, Norman J.; Shrader, Douglas; Cook, Edwin J.; Ternasky, Lance; Guthrie, Claudia; Koeddermann, Achim D. (SUNY College at Oneonta, 1995)
    • Educational Change, Spring 1996 

      Roda, Anthony, ed.; Morse, Jane Fowler; Shrader, Douglas; Ryder, John; Glander, Timothy; Gordon, Edith L.; Iber, George; Griffin, William; Glotzer, Richard; Ternasky, Lance (SUNY College at Oneonta, 1996)
    • Educational Change, Spring 1997 

      Roda, Anthony, ed.; Marciano, John; Nixon, Greg; Bassey, Magnus; Iber, George; Glotzer, Richard; Bauer, Norman J.; Morse, Jane Fowler; Cinquemani, Anthony M.; Green, Michael K.; Shrader, Douglas (SUNY College at Oneonta, 1997)
    • Educational Change, Spring 1998 

      Morse, Jane Fowler; Jensen, Kipton E.; Lundt, Christine M.; Bauer, Norman J.; Iber, George; Sanchez, Pedro; Griffen, William; Shrader, Douglas W.; Lehmann, Joyce Woelfle; Koeddermann, Achim D.; Roda, Anthony (SUNY College at Oneonta, 1998)
    • Educational Change, Spring 1999 

      Sperry, Chris; Ognibene, Richard; Michel, Teresa A.; Azelvandre, John P.; Bauer, Norman J.; Gajewski, Thomas; Glotzer, Richard; Shastri, Anuradhaa (SUNY College at Oneonta, 1999)
    • Educational Change, Spring 2000 

      Roda, Anthony, ed.; Garrison, James; Colwell, Tom; Bayer, Thora Ilin; Fleischer, Lee; Granger, David; Dodge, Sarah; Shrader, Douglas; Tell, Shawgi; Manlowe, Jennifer (SUNY College at Oneonta, 2000)
    • Educational Change, Spring 2001-2002 

      Roda, Anthony, ed.; Morse, Jane Fowler; Brosio, Richard A.; Bayer, Thora Ilin; Mazzola, Lars; Granger, David; Paulli, Kenneth P.; Gardner, Jana; Garrison, James; Lindenberg, T. W. (SUNY College at Oneonta, 2002)
    • Educational Change, Spring 2003-2004 

      Yinger, John; Granger, David; Lowe, Barbara; Mazzola, Lars; Patrone, Daniel; Kung, John; Stotts, Joyce (SUNY College at Oneonta, 2004)
    • Review of Breaking the Slump: Baseball in the Depression 

      Simons, William M. (2005-05-19)
    • What Does it Mean to Orient Oneself in Thinking? 

      Koeddermann, Achim D.; Cannon, Nancy (2005-05-19)
      “Orientation” is the perennial task of any university or college education. Without providing tools of orientation, the university fails. The American university follows the tutorial concept of Oxford as paradigm. Large ...
    • Why the Medieval Idea of a Community-Oriented University is Still Modern 

      Koeddermann, Achim (2006-04-28)
      This article explores the medieval idea of a university and compares it to contemporary educational models
    • Civilización Hispanoamericana 

      Small, Elizabeth (SUNY Oneonta, 2020)
      Un recorrido por la historia y cultura de Hispanoamérica, diseñado para estudiantes de la lengua española a nivel intermedio.
    • Atlas of Comparative Anatomy 

      Roosa, Kristen; Swislosky, Elizabeth; Caffrey, Alexandra; Carson, Jessica; Chumpitazi, Christina; Conroy, Kristin; Epps, Jarred; Gray, Morgan; Jackson, Skylar; Machiarelli, Sisina; Murdock, Kelsey; Riddick, Britney; Ruhl, Jaclyn; Saugar, Daniel; Woodson, Destiny (2020-10)
      The Atlas of Comparative Anatomy began as a class project at SUNY Oneonta in 2017 because of the lack of a comprehensive freely-accessible photographic atlas. The majority of entries in this atlas were produced by students ...
    • Foundations of Education 

      Amatullah, Tasneem; Avanzato, Rosemarie; Baxter, Julia; Gibbins, Thor; Graham, Lee; Fradkin-Hayslip, Ann; Siegrist, Ray; Swantak-Furman, Suzanne; Waid, Nicole (SUNY Oneonta, 2020-11)
    • ¡Chévere! Introductory Spanish I & II 

      Brown, Erica; Escudero, Alejandra; Montoya, María Cristina; Small, Elizabeth (SUNY Oneonta, 2021)
      ¡Chévere! Introductory Spanish I & II offer a comprehensive introductory Spanish sequence, providing guidance and practice in reading, writing, listening to, and speaking Spanish. Each module includes thematic vocabulary, ...
    • Foundations of Education (Fall 2021) 

      Amatullah, Tasneem; Avanzato, Rosemarie; Baxter, Julia; Gibbins, Thor; Graham, Lee; Fradkin-Hayslip, Ann; Siegrist, Ray; Swantak-Furman, Suzanne; Waid, Nicole (SUNY Oneonta, 2021-08)
      Foundations of Education was created as a broad introduction to the teacher education program at SUNY Oneonta. The faculty of SUNY Oneonta designed this book with the intention to give an overview of topics that would be ...
    • #TheatreAppreciation 

      Pipino, Kiara; Kahl, Andrew; De Sanctis, Ingrid; Bagby, John; Marx, Bethany; Riha, Michael; Kahl, Barbara N.; Dennis, Krysta; Jones, Emily; Maramara, Missy; Canavan, Gillian (SUNY Oneonta, 2022-12)
      #TheatreAppreciation is a textbook for introductory level lecture classes such as Theatre Appreciation and Introduction to Theatre. It provides insight about the art and craft of theatre, a brief exploration of theatre ...