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    • Analysis of Institutional Repositories vis-à-vis The State University of New York 

      Schumacher, John (2005-10-25)
      This document provides an overview of the trend towards institutional repositories as a partial answer to what scholarly communication should look like in the 21st century. Issues related to policy setting, governance, ...
    • CDLC Sharing E Resources 

      Hatch, Carey (2004-11-19)
      Presentation given at the CDLC Coordinated Collection Development workshop Nov. 19, 2004.
    • Faculty Participation in Open Archives: A Discussion 

      Schumacher, John (2006-05-25)
      Presentation for Conference on Instructional Technology (2006). Introductory information on open archives, open access journals, and repositories with an emphasis on issues related to author's rights and faculty participation ...
    • Faculty Rights in the Digital Age 

      Hatch, Carey (2006-06-01)
      This presentation encourages faculty to retain certain ownership/copyright rights of articles they publish. Retaining some rights allows authors to post their works in open access repositories. The presentation relies ...
    • Institutional Repositories, Open Access and Related Topics: A Bibliography 

      Schumacher, John (2005-10-25)
      A bibliography of resources related to institutional repositories, open access and other current trends related to scholarly communication.
    • Introduction to the SUNY Open Access Repository 

      Zajkowski, Maureen (2020-10)
      This is an introduction to the recently developed SUNY Open Access Repository or SOAR. It was established to showcase scholarly and creative works of faculty and students across SUNY campuses. This was in response to ...
    • Libraries, Research, and Repositories 

      Gardner-Athey, Karen; McBride, Mark; Zajkowski, Maureen (2019-06-14)
      Presentation given June 14, 2019 at the SUNY Librarians Association Annual Conference. Topics reviewed the SUNY Digital Repository, Open Access Policies, strategies to address immediate needs during 2019/2020 and future ...
    • NIH Open Access Mandate and Implications for SUNY Researchers 

      Schumacher, John (2008-05-16)
      This paper provides an overview of the National Institutes of Health public access policy. The NIH mandate requires researchers receiving NIH funding to submit their peer-reviewed, edited manuscripts to NIH's digital ...
    • Open Access and SUNY: How New Forms of Publication are Transforming Scholarly Communication 

      Schumacher, John (2005-10-25)
      This document provides an overview of the open access movement as part of 21st century reforms to scholarly communication and publication. Open access journals and digital repositories are discussed. Current SUNY-wide ...
    • Presentation at MID Summit - Use of Images in Classroom 

      Hatch, Carey (2005-02-19)
      This is a presentation given at the Multimedia Instructional Design (MID) Summit at the Marx Hotel in Syracuse on Feb. 17, 2005. The presentation discussed the need to acquire licenced images and to create a technology ...
    • The Role of a SUNY-wide Digital Repository in Improving Scholarly Communication 

      Schumacher, John (2005-10-25)
      A draft presentation geared for a library audience dealing with the issues of open access journals, digital repositories and scholarly communication. Information is provided in regards to a SUNY-wide repository.
    • SUNY and Ongoing Changes to Scholarly Communication 

      Schumacher, John (2006-06-12)
      Methods of communicating scholarly works are in flux. New technological capabilities and changes to the business of publishing are some of the trends affecting this change. Two SUNY responses to these changes will be ...
    • SUNY Digital Repository: An Overview 

      Schumacher, John (2013-03-05)
    • SUNY's Digital Repositories and Open Access 

      Schumacher, John (2010-05-24)
      State University of New York's Office of Library and Information Services and librarians from the four SUNY university centers are working together to explore opportunities for collaboration in their efforts to utilize ...
    • SUNYConnect Strategic Directions 

      Hatch, Carey (2004-11-08)
      Presentation given to Wizards Conference November 9, 2004.