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The State University of New York's 64 geographically dispersed campuses bring educational opportunity within commuting distance of virtually all New Yorkers and comprise the nation's largest comprehensive system of public higher education.

SUNY is the largest comprehensive university system in the United States educating 410,000 students in 6,688 degree and certificate programs on 64 campuses.

SUNY's continuing education enrollment is more than 1 million.

SUNY's 28,000 faculty have won awards including the Nobel Prize, Pulitzer Prize, Fields Medalists, Dirac Medal, National Medal of Science, and Grammy, Emmy & Tony awards.

Biomedical advances by SUNY professors include the invention of MRI technology & its application to diagnostic medicine, development of first implantable heart pacemaker, discovery of the causes of Lyme disease, development of Avonex® (interferon treatment for multiple sclerosis), invention of Nicorette® gum for smoking withdrawal, and development of drug ReoPro®, recommended for all cardiac patients.

For every state dollar received, SUNY generates $8 in total spending in NYS. The 2003 all-funds budget of $7.846 billion, which includes $2.2 billion in state support, equals $17.6 billion total economic impact.

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  • Schumacher, John (2010-05-24)
    State University of New York's Office of Library and Information Services and librarians from the four SUNY university centers are working together to explore opportunities for collaboration in their efforts to utilize ...
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  • unknown (2008-09-02)
    Hands-on practical approach to efficient learning of Flash CS3 to create web presentations, banners and websites
  • unknown (2008-09-02)
    See education as a key set of processes and understand how the key processes of learning (using different learning theories), teaching (facilitation of learning), mentoring (facilitation of growth), curriculum design, and ...
  • Schumacher, John (2008-05-16)
    This paper provides an overview of the National Institutes of Health public access policy. The NIH mandate requires researchers receiving NIH funding to submit their peer-reviewed, edited manuscripts to NIH's digital ...
  • various (2008-04-28)
    This two-day class will give you the practical knowledge to effectively plan, crate and deliver websites for mobile devices, such as phones, PDA's, Blackberry's, etc. Combining the power of XHTML and CSS, we will crate a ...
  • various (2008-04-28)
    Dr. Dee Fink, National Project Director, Teaching & Curriculum Assessment Project leads this one-day workshop that explores WHAT we teach, HOW we teach, How we GEAR UP as teachers, and WHO we are as educators.
  • various (2008-04-28)
    Strategic planning is a process that initiates and sustains the change necessary for building capacity and improving performance.
  • SUNY CPD (2008-01-30)
    The Fall 2007 SUNY Wizard Conference -- geared toward the technical community in SUNY. Wizard Conferences address specific technology-related issues that are important to SUNY at the time. The attendees are from throughout ...
  • Marshall, Judith E. (2008-01-30)
    Online presentation of the Blackboard Content Management System
  • Marshall, Judith E. (2008-01-30)
    A "hands-on" workshop guiding attendees through the process of creating an online class and online class components using Blackboard 5.5.
  • Marshall, Judith E. (2008-01-30)
    Learn how to train, present, and connect with your audience using Camtasia Studio to create compelling training and presentations for delivery via the Web, on CD/DVD, or over your network.
  • Murad, Margaret (2008-01-30)
    This class will immerse the student into an interactive environment where they will be shown how to scan, test and secure their own systems. The lab intensive environment gives each student in-depth knowledge and practical ...
  • Marshall, Judith E. (2008-01-30)
    Keynote Speaker: Dr. Daniel K. Apple, President, Pacific Crest with lead in examining five types of learning outcomes.
  • Marshall, Judith E. (2008-01-30)
    The Department Chair Institute is a short, hands-on, "nuts and bolts" session designed for new or experienced first-level academic leaders. Participants will explore ways of leading and managing academic departments and ...
  • Marshall, Judith E. (2008-01-30)
    Conducted in partnership with the Northeast ADA and IT Center at Cornell University. This class focused on using Cascading Style Sheets to create usable, good looking, consistent and accessible web pages.
  • Motondo, Nancy (2008-01-30)
    This is an annual conference and SUNY's largest event on instructional technologies.
  • Marshall, Judith E. (2008-01-30)
    Outline of this workshop with Featured Speaker, Margie Hobbs from Institutional Effectiveness Associates

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