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  • Anxiety in action. 

    Gulick, Mimi E. (2013-01-24)
    Math Anxiety is a term used to describe the anxious symptoms felt by those who suffer from it while confronted with mathematics. This study investigated the levels of math anxiety experienced by college students. It was ...
  • Reading anxiety among Arabic speaking students. 

    Kress, Michelle T. (2015)
    Reading anxiety can become a great hindrance to an Arabic speaking student’s language acquisition. The anxiety acts as a barrier to the reading process making it difficult for the student to be able to decode or interact ...
  • A teacher's handbook for reducing anxiety in foreign and second language classrooms. 

    Gustafson, Lacey (2015)
    Language anxiety affects a significant number of second and foreign language learners and has been shown to negatively impact student performance and language acquisition. This curriculum project addressed the specific ...