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    • Paddle your canoe (a darkey ditty) 

      Madden, Edward, 1878-1952; Morse, Theodore F., 1873-1924 (F. B. Haviland Pub. Co. Inc., 1905)
    • Painting that mother of mine 

      Sturgis, Frank; Gilbert, L. Wolfe. (Louis Wolfe), 1886-1970 (Jos. W. Stern & Co., 1915)
    • The path that leads to love! 

      Farrell, Fred C. (Frederic C.); Brachman, James (Maurice Shapiro, 1906)
    • Patricia and Tulio Sonnino Transcript 

      Sonnino, Patricia; Sonnino, Tulio; Back, Toby (United States Holocaust Memorial MuseumBrowder Committee, 1986-02-12)
      Patricia tells of her experience growing up in a Jewish family in Florence, Italy, and their process of escaping to the south with the aid of false identification papers after the German occupation. While on the move and ...
    • Paula (valse caprice) 

      Salisbury, C. Folsom (Thiebes-Stierlin Music Co., 1906)
    • Penelope ein Gewand wirkend 

      Chapman, Henry Grafton; Bruch, Max, 1838-1920 (G. Schirmer, 1905)
    • Per Anger Interview 

      Anger, Per; Swanson, Roland; Browder, George (Wallenberg Committee, 1986-10-18)
      Per Anger describes joining the Foreign Service after completing his military service. He worked with Raoul Wallenberg and other neutral nations to protect the Jewish people of Budapest from Nazi persecution by issuing ...
    • A perfect day : 'cello obligato / words and music by Carrie Jacobs-Bond. 

      Jacobs-Bond, Carrie, 1862-1946 (Carrie Jacobs-Bond & Son, 1910)
    • Persian pearl 

      Allan, Dave; Allan, Bob (Vandersloot Music Pub. Co., 1916)
    • Peter pan (society trot) 

      Moret, Neil, 1878-1943 (Waterson, Berlin & Snyder Co., 1916)
    • Pickaninny blues 

      Frost, Harold Gaylord, 1893-1959; Frost, Jack, 1893-1959; Klickmann, F. Henri (Frank Henri), 1885-1966 (1919)
    • The pine-tree 

      Salter, Mary Turner (G. Schirmer, 1904)
    • Play that we are sweethearts 

      Gardner, Harry; Byerly, Harlow R. (Freeze-out Music Co., 1912)
    • Please 

      Lewis, Sam M., 1885-1959; Young, Joe, 1889-1939; Cooper, Joseph (Henry Waterson, Inc., 1924)
    • Polonaise in C sharp minor 

      Greenwald, M.; Chopin, Frédéric, 1810-1849 (Century Music Pub. Co., 1916)
    • Poor John! 

      Leigh, Fred W.; Pether, Henry E. (Francis, Day & Hunter, 1906)
    • Prologue from Pagliacci 

      Chapman, Henry Grafton; Leoncavallo, Ruggiero, 1858-1919 (G. Schirmer, 1906)
    • Ragtime Jim (a jumpy rag) 

      Phillips, A. Fred, 1890-1956 (Jerome H. Remick & Co., 1911)
    • Ragtime temple bells 

      O'Dea, James; Caryll, Ivan, 1861-1921 (Chappell & Co., Ltd., 1914)
    • Raymond Federman Interview 

      Federman, Raymond (Browder Committee, 1990-07)
      Raymond Federman discusses his middle-class Jewish family and how she spent nine years in an orphanage in the 1910s. His parents and sisters were deported to Auschwitz, so he went to a Jewish neighborhood where his aunt lived.