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Great Lakes Consortium

Great Lakes Consortium


A virtual collection of information about Lake Ontario and it's environs, largely environmental science in subject, focusing particularly on the "grey literature," that is reports, statements, statistics etc. produced by a wide range of groups both public and private.

Recent Submissions

  • Woodrow, Donald (NY State Department of Environmental Conservation, 2002-10)
    Report on studies carried out from 1998-2002 in the east end of Lake Ontario which examined lake currents, sediment flows, beach establishment and ages...
  • Unknown author (NYS Department of Environmental Conservation, 2005)
    Fact sheet on Lake Sturgeon in the Genesee River.
  • New York State Department of Environmental Conservation (NYS Dept. Environmental Conservation, 2005)
    Fact sheet on lake sturgeon and a survey of them in Genesee River.
  • NYS Department of Environmental Conservation (2006-06-21)
    2005 Fact sheet on Lake Sturgeon in Genesee River and Lake Ontario
  • Nationa Geophysical Data Center; NOAA Great Lakes Environmental Research Laboratory (2006-06-21)
    Bathymetry of Lake Ontario
  • U.S. Environmental Protection Agency; Environment Canada (Binational.net, 2006-04)
    "...contains new/updated information on the current status of beneficial use impairments, sources and loads of critical pollutants, public involvement and communication and significant ongoing and emerging issues...

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