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  • Facts. Maybe, A Collection of Hypotheticals: MFA Thesis - Metal 

    Breckner, Brooke (2017-05)
    This collection of objects, set in a hypothetical future, explores the way in which aspects of our present-day lives might be perceived in the centuries to come. Manufacturing techniques employed in the future will affect ...
  • RECUERDOS: MFA Thesis - Metal 

    Wilson, Katherine (2014-05)
    My work revolves around the concept of memory, with a concentration in familial and collective memory. The objects I create have been affected by memory. The understanding of material choices, forms and construction have ...
  • That Which Is There: MFA Thesis - Drawing and Painting 

    Privitera, Olivia (2016-05)
    Light exposes the contradiction between materiality and invisibility. I explore the impression of nuanced spaces and notions of illusion to suspend optical perceptions of spatial temporality. Using light to alter visual ...