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  • Abstracture, The Abstraction Of Architecture And Space: MFA Thesis - Painting and Drawing 

    Long, Brooke (2016-05)
    If a room or space can alter how we feel, if our feelings are affected by the color of the walls, the shape of a door, the design of the wallpaper, what will happen to us in places we experience or inhabit?
  • Asiaticoside : MFA Thesis - Painting and Drawing 

    An, Junmo (2014-05)
    I am wandering around the things that intrigue me, the beginning of maturation, the remains of life—such as ashes and bones, the objects that link our lives with our deaths. I walk on, like a column of ants. I feel something ...
  • Points of Departure: MFA Thesis - Painting & Drawing 

    Nazari, Zahra (2014-05)
    I utilize both Architectonic structures and spacial relationships as metaphors for emotions I experienced coming from Iran to America and transitioning between two very different cultures. My working process combines both ...
  • Self / Conscious : MFA Thesis - Painting and Drawing 

    Guile, Lindsey (2014-05)
    My art work explores the intimate contact of physical interaction, especially with one's self. Beyond the sexual nature of touch, the focus is on discovery, acknowledgment, embodiment and eventually ownership. This series ...